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Because in the real life at high frequencies there are no ideal transmission lines, the microstrip TL that feeds the antenna SHOULD be part of the antenna impedance match. I mean, you design the circuit pcb layout, draw the microstrip line that feeds the antenna (with whatever length), and AFTER that design/tune the antenna impedance matching netwo
There is no BEST pcb software. They ALL have annoying bugs/features. I've used OrCAD, DxDesigner (Mentor), and Altium. OrCad is, IMO, the easiest. DxDesigner and Altium are powerful, but sometimes all those features get in the way of ordinary tasks. For example, the most common thing you're EVER going to do is draw a trace; like 90% of what yo
Time to learn how to draw and add components and footprints on this CAD. It is an essential ability to those who work in pcb board design.
Hi, I need to make a 15cmx20cm pcb using Altium but I don't know how to change the board size. I tried Design >> Board Shape >> Define from selected objects but I don't know what sould I do next. And how to change the dimention into cm? Thank you so much.
Hi, from the following link : There is a polar diagram in VNA(Vector Network Analyzer) We are able to know the pcb layout trace length by phase variation. My que
Hello Guys, I recently start learning this software (CADSTAR) because i want to test my circuit from a breadboard to a pcb. When i am trying to do some cutouts on my pcb outline, the software just won't let me do it. After going through several tutorials from CADSTAR, it just seems super easy for them to do so. I am wondering if anyone
Best bet for arcs and ellipses is use a proper 2D or 3D drawing package such as AutoCAD or Draftsight, then when drawn transfer to pcb via a DXF interface.
Let's say I want to draw a complicated shape which will be used as a component, like an antenna for example. Let's say I want to have it in a sort of library, so I can use it many times whenever I want. First I tryied to draw the antenna as a footprint and link a component in my schematic to it, like we do for any chip. But I was not able to (...)
HI guys, I need some help figuring out how I can make my text on the top layer of the pcb without soldermask? thanks
Hello everybody Although my question may seem to be trivial, I'm still looking for a convincing answer! Regarding pcb routing, at the time of right-turn, we have the options of 45-degree routing as well as Arc routing. While I have read many reviews that Arc is much more reliable, still many professional boards (like the attached pcb made by
You want to draw a pcb-layout? Do you have a schematic already?
AndroCAD: Gerber pcb Viewer for Android Hello! We made the Gerber pcb Viewer (standard RS-274X) for Android. 122695 It can properly draw about 70% of Gerber files. We need reports about bugs and crashes. Demo on Google Play: https://p
Hi, I have been going through pcb antenna theory and want to design a PIFA antenna... Can anyone provide an insight into how exactly you can do that in Eagle? Specifically considering "Figure 4. The Planar Inverted-F Antenna (PIFA)" on How do you draw the ground plane (as shown in the f
Either make an extra layer "milled through-plated slots" and draw the slot outline on it. Or make a series of overlapping drill holes representing the slot (e.g. 1/2D distance) In any case inform the pcb manufacturer about the existence of through-plated slots. And ask them for the preferred representation.
No, I am about to reach the chapter on the built in eagle scripting language in my book. So I was curious if this is one of the possible things that can be done using the built in script of eagle pcb.
What does a gerber file contain? I consider that it is a generic file format produced by all pcb development softwares and has not been superseded yet. What is a CAM file then? What is the relationship between the two?
How to draw board outline, which could be exported to gerber file, in ADS? You can draw pcb outline working in ADS layout. If ' cond ' is your metal layer,select say 'default' layer to mark your pcb boundary.
i am looking to design a pcb antenna using Altium Designer. But i could not figure out how to design an arbitrary shape such as circle in Altium. Any suggestions?
Hi, I have no formation in electronic, I do that project as a hobby. This is my first pcb project and this is the first part of a bigger project. So there is the schematic, please comment, let me know if I did a mistake and/or if I can improve it. I used Eaglepcb 114521 Thank you.
Which pcb design software can import JPG-BMP-Tiff-Gif schematic picture into a schematic file ? and then into Gerber ? usually one can right click (save image as)from a website as JPG ..but the time consumed to draw it again into the pcb software...3 or 5 ICs with all components,some parts are also not in the library... it is a time killer (...)

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