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orcad16.6 - In Capture using 3 MOSFET assigned footprint TO3 (standard in \pcb_lib\symbols\ TO3.dra). When jumping to Allegro pcb editor trying to use the QuickPlace tool, all my schematic parts are placed on top corner except the 3 MOSFET TO3.
I am not an orcad DB expert, but I think that, prior to 16.4 or so, the orcad pcb editor (both standard and Pro versions) was a separate product and not fully compatible with the Allegro flagship product version. They are now all capable of working with/opening each others' designs (though the pcb (...)
I am very familiar with orcad Layout 15.7. Unfortunately orcad pcb editor 16.6 is nothing remotely similar. I added several lines of text on the silkscreen layer (board name/number/etc.) as a "User Part Number". However I now want to add more text and every time I go to add a text string it is forcing me to choose an (...)
Hi Can anyone tell me hoe to open orcad layout with Allegro pcb editor. When I use CAD translator in Cadence 16.6 version it gives the following error. ERROR (Layout To Allegro pcb Design), Fatal error processing MAX file...see LAYOUT.LOG for information. Thanks in Anticipation.
hi I want to learn and design professional High Speed pcb Boards for FPGA etc. I have a work experience on orcad 16 Layout 16 and have designed RF Power Amplifier pcb's up-to 2GHz using ADS. What are the leaning steps involved and which tool is required (Altium, pcb editor etc)? Do i need to follow any (...)
Don't be afraid to us "Google", or RTFM, and then buy a book on the subject. There are a lot of books available. A simple search on will list a lot of books on the subject. - Make Your Own pcbs with EAGLE: From Schematic Designs to Finished Boards - Complete pcb Design Using orcad Capture and pcb editor - (...)
you have *.max file( layout plus file) or *.brd file ( allegro pcb editor file)? for *.max you can save it as a template file and load the new netlist in to this template
Hi, I've been using orcad design for pcb design in a windows 7 PC. Now that i've upgraded to alaptop with windows 8, i had installed the software onto that. The tool is opening but dead slow. It takes almost 15 minutes to load, and another 10 minutes to open a design. Is it about windows 8? Should i try installing windows 7 and try it? Thanks
Hi, I would like to add full filled shape logo into my pcb design. I can do it if I import it from dxf file, but this is an empty model, so the logo is empty too. Then, at pcb proto is not well drawn. After having tested several kind of tricks to be able to have the logo as I wanted, I need some help to get it. First, the tricks tested: [
Hi All, I recently installed orcad pcb Designer on my new Windows 8 machine. Capture opens and runs just fine. pcb editor, however takes about 10 minutes to open. The CPU usage jumps from near 0 to 25% then creeps up to 100% during that time. Looking in the Task Manager Processes tab over 75% of the CPU is Service (...)
Hi, I'm trying to import my company's logo to layout (pcb editor), but it is being complicated. pcb editor: Logo is already converted to dxf format. Import works fine (File->Import->DXF). Components are properly assigned to layers (silkscreen top). Logo is imported but is huge[/
Hi, can someone explain me what is happening with pcb editor and this DRC Error, Line to SMD Pin Spacing (pictures attached)? Explanation: First, I route the USB_P trace, and no DRC error is shown. Then, I don't know how, the USB_P trace was hidden, but DRC error appears. 116538 Now, USB_P
After following all the steps to configure vias: 1. Create the via pad on Pad Designer. 2. Make definition for similar vias from BB Vias Setup on pcb editor. Setting start & end layers. 3. Add via to physical contraint set, at respective top layer. 4. At routing time, select start (Active) & End (Alternate) layers. I started to place the
Hi, there are some doubts I need to solve before adding vias to the layout. Two types of vias are needed, through hole and BBvias, could the drill hole be the same for both of them? Via Pad <= 0.3 mm Via Drill Hole <= 0.15 mm Which would be the recommended pad & drill hole for different kind of via? [/
Hi, I'm just developing my first pcb design, also with orcad. I have started to place components and routed some parts, but I have found several issues that I have to solve into Capture modifying the pins connection of some components. So, now I need to generate a new netlist file and update the brd file. Is it possible to update i
Hi, How to open .llb file of footprint of the components in orcad pcb editor?
Hi All, Just started using orcad pcb editor and orcad Capture. I am learning as I go because my company will not pay for training or maintenance. My background is Pads-Layout and Pads-Logic, so they feel I should be able to pick up orcad with not much fuss. Not turning out to be the case, but anyway. A (...)
Good day to all, Please I need your support and guide on how to solve this Problem.I am using orcad pcb editor 16.0 for my circuit design.After completing the layout,i generated the Gerber files and sent it to the company that will produce the Board but the Company sent a message to me that my Bottom Soldermask contain Component (...)
Hi, Search google for "complete pcb design using orcad capture and pcb editor"
hi sir/madam i wanna know how to use general edit and etch edit options in orcad pcb editor. if we used it once how we have to deselect or remove from our design.
Select "open board in orcad pcb editor" radio button in create netlist > pcb editor tab (this can found in bottom most section of dialog). This would launch pcb editor in demo mode and you should not get any licensing error. All other option (to launch board) in this (...)
You can Do ECO on existing board instead of creating new board. Default setting in orcad Capture- pcb editor is to create new board. You can change this to perform ECO by defining input board, keep input and output board name same. This would save all changes done by you on board and push only incremental changes from schematic.
hi sir/madam i designed 4-layer pcb using orcad pcb editor. in these one problem occured problem description: found some stubs in all copper layers. i used via to interconnect top layer to inner planes, and inner place to bottom is this process is correct or not. now i wanna overcome above problem. (...)
hi sir/ madam suggest me how to pour/ fill copper to our design using orcad pcb editor.
hi sir/madam, iam new for orcad pcb editor software. iam having a problem while creating a new component footprint. how to create a component footprints in orcad pcb editor. the problem is the footprint which i have created is not visible. in capture while iam selecting (...)
You can have 3 layer boards. but can get problems as shown above. You need to either do an orcad course or read the help files regarding Gerber as being able to create them is quite a critical part of pcb design!!!
Hai Friends, I am using CADENCE pcb designer 16.3 version. i don't no how to import a company logo in the board design. can you tell me which format i have to save my company logo and tell me the procedure of importing the logo into cadence pcb editor. Thank you Salim
hi I m new in orcad , i used capture to draw my scheme , but now i am stuck . In order to use pcb editor you need to have all the footprints of the components. So how do we deal with this . pcb editor has already some footprints , how can i know wich one to use , how can i get a list of the components (...)
Dears I've been following this website for a long time and finally I'm able to join the community :) My first question might sound "silly" tough... I've just started using Altium ( i always used orcad) and i have a little problem: when i place a component on a pcb and i move it to the bottom layer, the color of the pads doesn't change. Let m
Hello, orcad/Allegro consists of several programs needed to be opened. So open Capture(diagram) on one screen and pcb editor(layout) on another screen. To make them synchronize you can press the highlight symbol which is a sun-symbol. Then you select a component or a net and it will also be selected in Capture. The same should apply if you (...)
Dear All, I already used KiCAD pcb design tool my simple pcb Projects. Now I started to learn orcad. I have successfully designed simple Schematic and pcb Artfile (Gerber). But, I need some help making my pcb file successful. When I make component gerber (.art) file, all "SMD pads" shown as unfilled (...)
Hello Everyone, Does anyone know how to do a route and retain in orcad pcb editor? If so can you explain it to me, I am new to Board design so please be specific. I have a board outline and components on the board but I have two boards attached to each other and want to make on break away. (...)
Hi All, I am using orcad pcb editor(version 16.3) sometimes I got error message, When I right click the tray, to open Design Entry CIS I get a message saying C:\Cadence\SPB_16.3\tools\Capture was not found. And also i attached error message image file, Please check there what are the problems with this. 92002
Hi, In orcad 16.3, if we select one component in design entry CIS(circuit editor) is highlighted in pcb editor. This is not working for orcad16.5. Is any link to solve this issue?, pls help.
Can any one guide for Linking to symbols footprints which are made by user... How to link with existing footprint without disturbing its symbol link?... Which setting are needed for that? I am facing problem to updating orcad pcb editor board..having problem eith netrev.lst....
In your pcb editor utilities there will be pad designer,pcb editor to pcb router,orcad translator etc... when you open the orcad translator it will ask for input directory to select the orcad layout file and ouput directory and file name for converting it to (...)
No need to copy placement will help you..... i dont have that option.. i'm using orcad pcb editor 16.6
Hi dear all, I'm using allegro orcad pcb editor 16.6 hotfix February 2013 this day has never been a problem but today I can't create a gerber file. I am getting an error message like this : ?ERROR: aborting film - Undefined aperture symbol, cannot continue.? Please look attached screenshot. who can help me with my problems? [ATTA
2 questions: 1_I don´t know how to make a new ratnet without prior netlist 2_I would also like to change the name of an existing rastnet thank you
Hi, Could you please tell me which tool I can use for physical design (Floor planning, Routing, Placement etc...). I Downloaded Cadence tool orcad Lite 16.6 (Capture CIS and pcb editor). Is that rite tool for this or do i have to download other tool. i came to know Cadence (SOC Encounter, VoltageStorm, NanoRoute) Synopsys (Design (...)
I have a pcb *.BRD file. No schematic no netlist. On board 03 D2PAK footprint placed U28, U29, U30. I want to replace a only U29 footprint D2PAK with To263-3. Any body know the procedure to replace the footprint without schematic and netlist.
the schematics you could export to orcad format and them immport those files into cadence. the pcb files you could go through ODB++ or the specctra interface. i don't think there is a direct conversion.
Hi, there, I was using orcad v10.5 Layout Plus previously, and recently I switched to orcad pcb editor. But I have a problem. In orcad v10.5 Layout Plus, I could connect a pad to the surrounding copper like copper pour type (please see Fig.1). What I need to do is just to change the padstack setting by (...)
Is there any easy way to assign footprints in orcad capture instead of entering each and every pcb footprints in Edit Properties.
Hi, I am currently doing a 2 layer design, most of the tracks are on the top layer, the bottom layer has a ground plane. There are some tracks that i had to route to the bottom layer using vias. When I try to manufacture the artwork, I get the following error:- ERROR: aborting film - Layer polarity of layer ETCH/BOTTOM does not m
I've been looking for a way to simply just redo the last command I have executed in pcb editor but for the life of me I can't find any way to access the command history. Is there no such feature? Ideally, I would be able to use the arrow keys to traverse the command history. Thank you.
I have done similar designs in orcad pcb editor (it is a cut down version of Allegro) 14 layers DDR memory, ethernet interface, controlled impedance etc etc so it is do able. Have fun
Hi everybody, I am a Project with Schematic Entry in Cadence Allegro Design Entry HDL and a first generation of Layout designed with pcb editor. I have to update the layout with components that have a new footprint. I have thought to make this board update with this simple flow: 1. Start Part Manager in the DE HDL; 2. Update the Istance of the
Hello, I am, using orcad Capture rev 16.5-S026, looking for a little help please. I am trying to create a netlist in the format needed for the Allegro version of orcad pcb editor rev 16.5. When I try to create a netlist, it does not occur. I have run the DRC check and I get no errors. I do get (...)
Hi, I am a newbe to Cadence orcad Capture, using rev 16.5-S026, looking for a little help please. I am trying to create a netlist in the format needed for the Allegro version of orcad pcb editor rev 16.5. When I try to create a netlist, it does not occur. I have run the DRC check and I get no errors. I do get (...)

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