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What is the best practice pcb layout wise WRT ground planes under high speed isolators? We're not supposed to run a high speed line/trace over a split ground plane (emi wise), however the plane needs to be split for isolation. Assume the following: 1) 4 layers are available 2) Isolation barrier required between isolated high voltage circu
Hello folks! I need to design a pcb driver with a FPGA to manage the control signals of several high power IGBT. These IGBTs are going to drive a lot of current (around 7000 Amp) and I need to do a robust pcb design. I have been doing some EMC pcb designs for low power applications (maximum 3 Amp) and they are working very well. (...)
All, This is my first pcb build and I've got some questions before finalizing and moving to fabrication. It's a 2 layer board, with led drivers (for RGBW), 12 volt supply, LED drivers running at 2mhz, and a maximum of 4 amps, 1 amp per color die. The inputs at the bottom are; White, Red, Green, Blue are PWM inputs, and VCC/GND. Board ou
Dear All, I'm creating a pcb for a digital switch circuit using Triac as a solid state relay. The circuit is attached below: 120707 The circuit is using BTA24-600B Triac and MOC3021 Optocoupler. The circuit will drive high loads as the Triac can drive up to 24 Amp current. I'm on the pcb design phase I need some exp
Thanks for your help. This is a prototype pcb i just test the schematic. I am going to make a new pcb.
Dear All, I am quite new to the field of emi testing, What are basics steps and design rules to be followed to make a pcb to withstand emi requirements. How common mode choke act as emi filters. Thanks in advance
Placing ground vias all over the pcb (stiching) to improve the emi. Have all ground vias to be spaced the same distance? Or may they be separated different distances if it is under lambda/8? I mean, I have to place ground vias all over the pcb edge to reduce emi. The space between these ground vias are below (...)
`Hai every one, Can any one help me to reduce the noise with pcb for RE103 and CE102 tests. I don't have a much time to change my design and going for another new pcb. And i want to know whether it is possible to reduce the noise with out altering the design. Thanking you
Hello, I want to know about the RS103 standard emi EMC test in detail. And also can I use the ordinary power cables for this test. My circuits runs on 9- 32 V Thnaks for all for your support
I am working on a project called biochemistry analyzer in which there are many pcbs like Main Board, Photo detector (ADC) board, Printer pcb, LCD, Smart card board etc. In this application, power supply regulator IC's are on Main Board from which Gnd is shared between multiple pcb's through jumper. There are various (...)
Hi everyone, I have done re-engineering work of a product(Microcontroller based dimmer with SMPS power supply as a single pcb). I designed the pcb and assembled all the components on the pcb. Its turned ON and working. What are the "Hardware Tests" should i do to work the product perfectly? Thanks and Regards, Sundar.A
Hi to all, i need one 3D full wave solver for my design flow in signal integrity simulation. Now I have ADS per 2.5D solver and transient simulation and it works fine for my jobs, but now i need to simulate EMC an emi emissio of our system, and i must choose between the following SW: -Keysight EMpro (easy to include in my design flow with ADS)
Its only standard for 4 layer boards, a large number of boards these days are far more than 4 layers, then you add HDI pcb design to the equation and stack ups become infinitely variable. pcb thermal management is also becoming more complex, my favourite tool for post design assessment is a thermal camera. Work out the basic requirements as best as
Ultimately, prevention of emi within a particular application remains the responsibility of the embedded designer. This begins with the implementation of good board design practices including proper pcb layout and grounding, limiting trace lengths, placement of electrical components, as well as selection of the most emi resilient silicon products.
Hi.. looking for the latest papers about characterizing the EM emission sources in different systems..pcb ..Vehicles..thnx
I wanna add faraday cage in my pcb.But my pcb has 2 layer.I used Top Layer(Red) for GND Plane.I used Bottom Layer(Blue) for Power and Data traces. My Questions: 1-) If i create GND Plane on Bottom Layer(Blue) and add vias at around there any objection? (Look undermost image) Normal
Not sure if it applies to IC design but for pcb, 45 is better then 90 as 90 will emit more emi at high signal rates, at least this is what I have been told.
emi immunity...and ground loops. That is SUCH a broad question. You need to do some reading. There are a LOT of variables at play here. Where are your power supplies? How are they connected to ground? How are they connected to the chassis? Where? What else is in the system? Is the pcb in question sensitive to noise? Is it a noise generator? How
Hello all, I am trying to build accurate simulation model for emi Filters used on Mixed Signal pcb in order to predict level of conducted noise attenuation.This conducted noise is due to electromagnetic radiations in industrial environment on data and power lines, which is modeled as current clamp in lab (IEC 61000-4-6 Standard). Can anyon
Some of the best white papers with practical advice are on the Analog Devices website. See Go to and then search pcb on the site. Here is a list of the papers I found helpful: AN-345: Grounding for Low-and-High-Frequency Circuits (pdf, 455 kB) AN-756: Sampled Systems and the Effects of Clock Phase Noise and Jitter (pdf