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HiRegen kit is now available in a new price structure, including the option "pcb only". Details of the functioning and its construction can be found at: I address you asking you to suggest me ideas regarding the delivery of this kit outside the european Union. For countrie
Are you frustrated with your search for a pcb prototyping service that will let you order one pcb without burning a hole in your pocket or compromising on specifications because you're a "hobbyist"? I was too. Fret no more. The high-tech city of Bangalore is now home to several european majors who have set up pcb fabrication (...)
european Quality pcb manufacturing,pcb Prototyping &pcb Assembling Service,from one thousands,competitive price,Fastest Contact is: 0038 640 222 566 Aljosa Krasevac, Email: OMFdoo have been successfully manufacturing and assembling pcbs since 1980 with an excellent reputation for quality,commitment and
EIPC (european Institute of Printed Circuits) will held a workshop about ?How to successfully purchase pcbs in China and minimise risks? For more details, please visit here: Is there anybody have some good ideas about this? pcb Partner( ) has a supplier database with thousands of suppliers.
Interested party please send mail to <>. Thank you very much.
For a small battery-powered hand-held device, what agency approvals are required, or recommended, for such a device to be marketable in western Europe currently? What markings should be in a pcb silkscreen? I realize that RoHS is a requirement. I plan to have a "Pb" with a circle and backwards slash on my pcb topside. Also, "94V-0" (in cop
We are based in Thailand. Our ISO9001:2000 certification is under way, but not there yet. We do electronics design, pcb layout, and development of Windows-based software. Example products are DVB-T receivers for Japanese MNCs, 2.4GHz RF module, microcontroller based boards, Firmware development, FPGA using VHDL, database applications and Win
SPAM, SPAM, SPAM!!! And now back to the thread... There are standards but a lot depends upon which country/market you are aiming for. The US has IPC standards, UK has BS standards and guess what, the rest of Europe has european standards.... Most people will use the IPC standards, although there appears to be very little standardisati
Hello! I need to make small pcbs order while keeping normal cost. China is not a chance, beacuse of transport expenses and so on. Please if anybody know normal european pcb suppliers, please put contact here. Preferably new EU countries.
european voltage isolation requirments (CE) ? What are the creepage spacings on a pcb from 240v to say a RS-485 low voltage network ? Is there a pdf or design guide available ? Did a search noe I ask. thanks
Someone knows a distributor for xy-tables which accepts stepper it can be used for example for pcb drilling... ah..right...low budget should it be as well (o;
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Hi, Is anybody has pcb in Protel 99, Eagle oe something else except PDF files. I need also doublesided pcb for pcb-3b version Please let me know on PM or mail me at: Thanks, ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks