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Hi All, I have 9-year experiences at pcb layout which can be done by Mentor-PADS, Mentor-WG, Cadence-Allegro, Cadence-Orcad Layout, Altium, or even Eagle Editor. Pls feel free to contact me via And I also deal in buying parts, fabrication and assembly. I am located in California of U.S. Thanks, Alex
ontact your pcb supplier and ask them if doing it yourself will actually save on fab costs. I doubt it. Why you ask? 1) They have to run DRC checks on more than 1 board then. 2) You may not get the panelisation correct to their requirements. 3) The actual panelisation actualy only takes them a fw minutes as it is all scripted, its the
Hi there is one doc by chakravarthy80pcb.I am attaching here,u can refer the same for silkscreen generation
Hi, I have a general question about pcb manufacturer. The fab house told me that when I use 1/2OZ copper foil (.7mil) on external layer, after plating additional copper for PTH, it goes to about 2.2mil. Is that true? What are the minimum copper plating thickness? Does it depends on the PTH copper thickness? Thanks.
Hi All, I saw a similar thread for SIM300 module and there someone posted really nice solution. Let's see if someone can provide a nice solution here. If anyone had done a pcb design for breakout board for SIM548 module, please let me know and possibly share your gerbers. Regards, Pagal
Hybrids are available from long time using pcbs with low-loss material in top of FR4. But I believed that you are looking for multilayer pcb using ONLY low-loss and high Er materials. I never seen yet let’s say: 8 layer, 10cm x 10cm board, all layers RO3010.
Folks, What end-mill diameters fabs typically used for routing (milling) the outline of the pcb? I have a pcb with an inside angle. I don't want to make an inside chamfer, as in the bottom-right drawing below. That would weaken the board mechanically. Instead, I want to make an outside chamfer on a mechanical part that mates with (...)
IPC specs, (there are a few of them) all have to do with 'quality' of a pcb. ie: does it have less than "x amount of this, or y amount of that". Generally, a common board doesn't have to worry about it, as most pcb fab houses produce acceptable boards. It's mostly for people that want to pay for the extra added assurance that the board (...)
Hi... I am working as pcb,signal integrity Engineer.of Late I learn FPGA,CPLD design and VHDL Verilog Perl Languages.Now I want to Move to Hardware Design. I know the Knowledge of fab,stackup design,Coponent selection Decap and termonations resistors which I learn from signal and power integrity topics and i worked on tools on these issues. ho
one of the reason may be: overlapping of two drill holes..(this is used when u use some optional components) if this is the case ,dont worry with the mismatch between pcb tool and gerber tool
Impedance generally depends on - pcb trace width - pcb stack up for exact calculation ,u have to get ur correct stackup. then from above listed calculatiors orelse CAdstar SI verify, u can get the exact width of trace to achive the desired impedance
Colleagues, Could anyone give a reference to guidelines for the High Voltage (HV) pcb layout? I need to layout a board, which will be powered with 5V and generate 500V internally, using an EMCO Q Series power supply (little brick). What layout rules do I need to know? What parameters do I need to find out from the pcb fab house? (...)
The most of such a problem in pcb design. But for a reference you can look at this:
does anybody design a pcb for Sim300cz thx yes, but it's not a breakout pcb. It is a remote monitoring unit with analog and digital I/O operating from ac wall adapter and has a Li-ion battery backup with automatic charger. EJ
there are common footprints for most used components. the following is a list: If you want others just search your library, choose the most convenient print it and try if the component will fit there. You can also do a chnges on an existing one to suit yours and save it. hope
You can always have a legend scratch layer, which is basically a composite/negative layer that blocks out the legend near any pads etc. your pcb fab can arrange this for you, or you can make this Gerber layer yourself. (just like solder mask but with vias on too.) However that then makes the text unreadable. Why not just use some intelligen
In standard 4-layer pcb, and regarding the fab limitation, how far we need to pullback the internal planes? What about 10, and 16-layer boards? Thank you,
i am a newer in the field of layout&pcb. i would appreciate it if somebody give me some advice...
There are several ways to get tables and text into an Altium Designer pcb. First, you can just type the information using Place--String. There is no text box in the pcb editor, so you have to enter the information one line at a time. Next, you can use a free add-on utility called "Klipper" and import the information from the Windows clipboar
Hi, How can I create a panel with mouse knibbles in Altium Designer? Is V-scoring done in the pcb program or by the fab House? Thanks