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Hi, I require a pcb designed and manufactured. Initial volumes will be up to 20 per month for approx three months. After that numbers will rise. Please PM for more details. Bob
And how if the material is being press. Because in fab, they're going to press the material right to get the desired thickness. Is it gonna change the dielectric also? well, i am also curious whether the dielectric thickness will change when they press the dielectric during fab... this is because changing in dielectric thickn
Well, many programs can let you use and simulate and make pcb layout for digital and othre chips (you ment ICs as I think!) but regarding pins layout (i think you mean ICs pins in reality), this can't be done unless single package for that IC exists, i.e. for your example of 7474 IC, if you looked for its datasheet(s), you will find it fabricated b
Hi, Hope one of you smart guys out there has already solved this issue. How can I set up an incoming inspection of a pcb fab to check that the board house actually made the copper in 2 oz and not some other weight. I don't think a measurement in thickness of the trace will work the solder mask thickness can vary so much as to make this an unr
Orcad? Circuitmaker? I don't know about circuitmaker, but I assume those are both pcb layout tools. Not GDS. jelydonut
Hello, I'm facing a challenge in upgrading my manufacturing process. Could anyone who has experience comment on the steps in my process and how they think it should be modified. Process:(starting with a bare FR-4 double sided laminate) - Drill board with CNC machine - Through hole plate the board - Apply Positive photoresist using dip coatin
Hi, I have been using Eagle for some time but only to draw schematics and basically make them look nice. Never did any pcb fab house design. So now I need to make a board and I would like to know what your opinion on Eagle might be. I dont really find it easy to use on the schematic side of things but that is mostly my lack of exeprience. Noneth
You simply add a note to your fab. drawing pointing to the edges you want scored, along with a detail of the "V" score - there is nothing special to do in the pcb design file. SiGiNT
Not sure about Pads, but, (assuming layer 2 and 3 are positive layers), almost all pcb design softs have the option to plot without non-functional pads, or you can have the pcb fab shop remove inner-layer non-functional pads - usually via a note on your fab drawing. SiGiNT
Also at 4pcb, prototypes are drilled to the nearest 5-thousants of an inch. 10, 15, 20..... Have fun!
Hi all, Our capability had been improved recently. Now we can fab pcb up to 28 layer, minimum track width and space is 3mil (was 4mil). The minimum hole size is 0.15mm with laser driller, and no problem for blind and buried vias. If you have such boards to fab, please contact us first, we are the way of solving your cost issue. mike (...)
Scoring and other special fabrication instructions are done as notes on your drill drawing, a mechanical layer, and/or a separate fabrication instruction sheet - depending on what your fab is accustomed to seeing. The notes are instructions to your pcb fab concerning exactly what you want to do. You put (...)
hi these are some links in the web where you can read about the generic practices and procedures for DFT implementation. it is best to ask your fab and assembly vendor regarding their capabilities and since different vendor
Merix is a fab house. They have ton of documents on pcb fabrication process (more than you want to know).
I'm looking to find a way or any info to do a 24 layers pcb with a thickness of 0.065" (65mil). Any tools or software to confirm if it's possible to acheive this ?
Hi, I have several pcb prototype boards in gerber format. I am looking to get CAM/CAD software to help me combine several pcbs (in gerber) in one board (Panel) to minimize manufacturing cost. Could any one help ? KSA