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We are a professional pcb manufacturer( ) in China and certified by ISO and UL approved.We focus on : 1 . 1-30 layers for rigid pcb fabrication 2. 1-10 layers flexible-rigid pcb. 3. Metal core board, Heavy copper board ,HDI board . 4. quick turn pcb service: finish 2 Layers in 24hours, 4-8Layers in (...)
Let me show you what we do after you place the order. Fast ? Process the order within 12 hours and finish the manufacturing between 2-5 days. Immediate reply and update of order status. Strict ? 100% pcb board e-test to ensure high quality, accurate silkscreen printing, smooth cutting?? Careful ? Tracking No. of the package and Photos of t
Hello, Just designed and manufactered my BlueNRG-based pcb on ******, see attached picture for a 2-layer pcb with a pcb antenna works at 2.4GHz. pcb specs: Length : 55 mm Width : 30 mm Quantity : 10 Layers : 2 layers Thickness : 1.6 mm Surface finish : HASL with lead finished Copper (...)
20 Layer Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 20L Thickness: 3.1mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / Surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Aperture Ratio 13:1 + 8 BGA Contact me, let's talk details. Darren Y Tel: +86-755-33116982 Fax: +86-755-33116983 E-mail:[/
4 Layer Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 4L Thickness: 1.0mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / Surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: / 129709 Contact me, let's talk details. Best regards, Darren Yang Marketing Executive Shenzhen Benqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. No
8 Layer Hi-Tg Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR4 Layer Count: 8L Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm Min. Trace Width/Spacing: 4/4mil Surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Resin hole plugging + 2BGA 129708
I am a new Altium Designer user, and I only have five days to finish a flyback power supply design project assigned by my advisor. Basically, it is a very fundamental and common scheme. But I didn't use this software before. Can anyone give me suggestions to facilitate my using of this software? I mean, five days later, can I make it true to genera
common for RF boards where they don't want solder mask. Besides knowing how RF boards are commonly made, it's always a good idea to look sharp. You even see the solder mask opening edges beneath the NSMD pads. I see a lot of retail product with sub-GHz and 2.4/5 GHz RF pcbs having standard solder masks. Another point is, no in
Hello all, At the moment I am working on a design that carries several high speed signals, (40Mbit, 10Mbit). There is no soldermask on these traces and we need a finish for those traces. ENIG or ENIPIG are not possible because of the nickel and immersion silver wil oxidate over time. One of the possible finishes could be Electroless Pal
Hi, I am almost ready to build a pcb but I am not really sure if I go to the standard specs, which uses lead-free HAL plating or to something custom using another plating. It will be done by Advanced Circuits, 4pcb, by the way. How can one determine that? The probably "more complicated" devices that I have on it are: - a ATSAM S70 process
We are a pcb manufacturer which always convert gerber files to any format. so why not use CAM 350?
Hi. I have a multi-layer pcb file in allegro and I want to give gerber file to manufacturer to produce pcb. Which layers' gerber file must be generated? (minimum layers for a complete pcb with drilling, silk screens, defined layer thickness, ...) Which information are not in pcb file and I must tell manufacturer (e.g. (...)
What is the cheapest, quickest-to-do, and simplest 'finish' to get put onto the pads of a Lead free HASL, Leaded HASL, electroless nickel gold, etc etc ? presumably the purpose of the 'finish' is to stop the copper of the exposed pads from oxidising?
Hi, What kind of pcb surface finish types are normally used. What are there pros and cons. Which is recommended one for high frequency pcb. regards
Hello, i would like to import a dxf sketch to a pcb library window. i can use the import plug only for pcb window but i donīt achiev to import dxf for componant. im using altium 14. b.r Aymen
Hi. I am using a MSOP-8 pcb footprint. I can see the Pads are very close where Top Solder of Pad are touched with other Pad. I am worried ... will it make problem (Pads will short together) after production of pcb??? Please see the attached image. I am took this Footprint from Altium Microchip Lib. Thanks in advance. Regards.
Dear all, This is Saxon from Holly Circuit technology,ltd. We specialize in pcb and pcb assembly, with the strength of many years working with the Flextronic,BMW etc. Source from us,and benefit from these advantages: Conventional pcb,1-20 layer,all kinds of surface finish. Aluminum/rigid pcbs, LED (...)
Hi everyone. Finally I was able to finish the clone. I based mine on this design: I've attached my design with a few modifications, which have been discussed in this forum, on my previous thread. Also attached is the pcb layout I created from scratch, using Proteus ISIS and ARES. My
HASL stands for Hot Air Solder Leveling. ENIG stands for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold. Both HASL and ENIG are two different types of a surface finish used for plating the Printed Circuit Boards(pcb). HASL is less environment friendly than ENIG. Choosing ENIG over HASL, reduces the use of lead and emission from flux and fusing oil. HASL has a
May i know how to choose what type of surface finish to be used in pcb designs?