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I am a Electrical engineer and have over 3 and half years of experience of professional pcb Designing.I gained wide exposure on all aspects of pcb layout expertise is on Altium Designer, Eagle,PADS,P-CAD and Allegro. I worked with many local and international clients and hands on experience of working on high speed design,high de
Hello, Our team is looking for a job in fields of embedded system and electronic devices design. We offer you custom design services for realize your ideas. Our team has over 10 years experience and strong skills to execute international projects. We suggest you the following services: - pcb design - Software&firmware - pcb (...)
Certification for which aspect of pcb design, or certification for an assembly.... CE FCC UL and RoHS start by looking these up on Google and you'll have a good start, also IPC class 1, 2 and 3 design and manufacture.
international Circuits is a professional supplier of printed circuit boards. We offer a quick and easy 24/7 online quote and order as well as some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. One of our most popular products is our prototype specials: Say for example you h
Hi everyone I am looking for a reasonably priced experienced pcb design contractor. The software should be PADS Power pcb. My needs are 2-5 boards per month, and I am looking for a long term cooperation. The boards are normally a mix of some low speed analog + digital, with a micro controller, A/D etc For those interested, please send
Dear Sir/ Madam, This is Jacob Kong from Guangzhou international pcb & SMT Technology Exhibition(pcb Guangzhou), the exclusive pcb event in Guangzhou,which will be held on August 21-23, 2012 at China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex. With the strong support by domestic and (...)
Guangzhou international pcb and SMT Technology Exhibition 2012 will be held on August 21-23, 2012 at Pazhou Complex. Its purpose is to provide an international commerce platform and attract more overseas enterprises to work together and boost the development of China?s pcb and SMT. Guangzhou international (...)
Guangzhou international pcb and SMT Technology Exhibition 2012 will be held on August 21-23, 2012 at Pazhou Complex. Its purpose is to provide an international commerce platform and attract more overseas enterprises to work together and boost the development of China?s pcb and SMT. Guangzhou international (...)
We are SMT assembly manufactory ,have 4 SMT mounting lines, 4 DIP assembly lines, 2 testing lines, 2 repair lines. can provide OEM/ODM for your pcbA project. Welcome you to visit our manufactory . Sincerely, Thanks & Bst Rgds! AndyChu/Sales manager Toposen international electronic ltd ?????|BGA|BGA?|BGA|SMT?|SMT
where to find an OEM for good pcb(printed circuit board)? How to maintain good quality? Of course, certificate and experience can prove it if you have not got one , i would like to recommend a to you: success cirucits international Co., ltd contact information: contact person: larsea
HK Gongxiang international Electronic Co., Ltd specializes in designing,manufacturing and marketing of Printed Circuit Board (pcb) from 2 to 30 layers. We can supply board of rigid, flexble, rigid-flexble, blind/burried via and HDI in very fast delivery and competitive prices.Any prototype,small volume and mass production order are welcomed. And al
pcb international would like to take a moment to introduce our 310 square inches and under prototype value series. Unlike other manufacturers who restrict your design to meet their needs and charge extra for uncomplicated adders, we want to give you the complete freedom to build your design just the way you envisioned. Match our standard specs agai
pcb international is a west coast based company that is dedicated to providing top quality Printed Circuit Boards on-time and within your budget. Since our inception we have won recognition for our focus and intrinsic commitment to quality, price, and on time delivery. Our boards are manufacturer in Taiwan with customer service specialists and t
Hello to all I am looking for appropriate paper which can describe in a useful way the advantage and the disadvantages of a pcb, multi layer, with a meshed ground plane. In the network I found the following one: Author: Bing-Zhong Wang "Characteristic Impedance of Meshed strip line" international Jounal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves;
Double Sided pcbs (quick turn up 48 hrs) Multi-layers pcbs (up to 30 layers) Flexible pcbs and Rigid-Flexible boards (1-6 layers) Aluminum base board and other metal core board We already work with several international companies throughout the electronics world although this doesn't mean that we are only interested in (...)
CPCA Show 2009(The 18th international Electronic Circuits Exhibition)Date: March 17-19 2009 Venue: Shanghai New international Expo Center Exhibit scope: Printed Circuit Board( pcb Manufacturing, pcb Equipment, pcb Raw Materials and Chemicals); Electronic Assembly(Electronic Assembly (...)
Hello all, Does anyone know of some tutorials and/or basic information on pcb design in Spanish? If there was something for PADS, that would be great ... also just basic stuff for someone new to start learning. I contacted the IPC, which is supposedly and international Standard Organization, but they only have their standards in English and
deep knowledge of Math, Physics analog design digital design including VHDL/Verilog Power electronics pcb layout EMI/EMC design techniques C/assembly programming Familiarity with international standards and approval agencies have excellent knowledge how to use equipment scopes, analyzers have a good soldering skills basic understanding o
Hi, If anyone has experience with Altium Designer please contact me for an international project (a pcb Design for a High Speed Video Cam). Juanky
Hello Everyone, Glad to know you on this forum.I am George from Pelcore Electronics. Pelcore Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise which specialize in manufacturing printed circuit boards.Our business fields mainly involve the production,sales and service of pcb.We have not limit on the order quantity.We can make prototype,small

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