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ADS is not a pcb design Program, it has layout option but it's definitely not for pcb. Well, you can create some not very complex pcbs but it's really cumbersome.
Hi, I wanted to know of two things: * Is post layout simulation done in pcbs (like as it is done for ICs) ** Is there any tool suite for doing both schematic and layout based simulations (preferably free tools). Thank You. Arvind Gupta.
I'm still novice w/ ADS and I find it difficult to believe that the tool can be used for a full RF pcb. Recently, I've been putting together a lot of RF pcbs, but am using Mentor Graphics Expedition and trying to use good microwave judgement / rule-of-thumbs for the layout. I can import the design into (...)
The appended dxf is useless because it has all data in a single layer. pcb layout data must have separate layers for each copper layer (apparently 1 in your design) soldermask(s) silkscreen ("marking") board outline drills Drill data must be probably manually converted because a file with x/y coordinates and (...)
im talking about pcb schematic and layout which is allegro
hi I want to learn and design professional High Speed pcb Boards for FPGA etc. I have a work experience on Orcad 16 layout 16 and have designed RF Power Amplifier pcb's up-to 2GHz using ADS. What are the leaning steps involved and which tool is required (Altium, pcb (...)
Hi all, I am totally screwed with my project. I wish to do a project using ARM Processor. So, before all, I selected Raspberry Pi for making a prototype. Now the prototype is over. The product that I wish to design is based on Linux that installed on ARM Processor. Now I need to design the pcb to make the standalone product. Here am screwed. (...)
Go to and download the tool. Make the components based on your datasheets. Learn how to make them in Altium too, once you know how it only takes minutes to make them, its not such a daunting task.
Which pcb design tool you are using ?
The weakness of many free tools is the verification side. On a complex board you'd really like to ensure that the layout matches schematic intent (which, in turn, you'd like to have in a form / tool that allows simulation for that purpose) as well as complies with design rules from some board house you'll use. This latter, (...)
Yes as follows: Don't use it. Autoplace software is terrible, the real skill in pcb design is placing components to achieve optimum layout and the best tool for that is the human brain with our pattern recognition ability. Just to re-iterate, don't use autoplace software, learn to read the schematic and if possible use cross (...)
when I draw a schematic, I use: option->schematic page properties to change the page size,there i receive an automatic small box at the corner of the circuit,mentioning the data about the circuit.(Title,date,number,sheet,size,rev) but,while creating net list am not getting it. what should i do ,in Oder to receive? or should i net lis
Hi, I have a RF-pcb layout done in OrCad. I want to simulate the pcb and analyze its performance. I have both passive components (R-L-C) and active components(ICs) in my design. Which tool does support simulation of Orcad layout? Can I incorporate the behavior of certain components (...)
Which layout:is it pcb,IC layout?
That's not possible. The Allegro pcb tool (not the free viewer) has limited capabilities to import some foreign formats, but surely not Eagle.
Can someone please enlighten me on whether the Allegro pcb design Planner option a layout tool for routing and placement? It seems more like a pcb SI tool than a routing tool? pcb designer is a tool that I should get for (...)
hi, Happy New to all, i want to get started with pcb designing tools, i dont know anything about the pcb designing, i want to start from the scratch, please help me in getting started i have orcad 9.2, i want to make i own boards of microcontrollers boards and some other circuits boards (...)
Hello Everyone, I am looking for a tool or software which can translates the schematic and layout design from cadstar, orcad, pcad, protel to pads logic/ DX designer schematic and pads layout design. Which can converts the associated schematic symbol and pcb libraries (...)
Is anybody here using this pcb layout design tool software? (CADVANCE by YDC) If so can you please help me out with the following questions: 1. Is it possible to attain the expected performance of the software for the following set-up: layout Editor server license and Concurrent server license is (...)
I need to design a power supply with single chip DC_DC buck converter with integrated inductor. The radiated EMC from the chip affects the stability of the design. I need your guide to some tool which enable me to study the EMC distribution to study the stability before going to pcb fabrication.