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Hello, I?ve just been sacked from a pcb layout job after a two-day trial. The pcb layout package concerned was a ?high-end? package, that is, one of the more expensive ones. Why is it that simple pcbs are very difficult to lay out in the ?high-end? pcb layout packages? (...)
Hello, What is the hardest types of pcb to lay out in the world of pcb design? (not including microwave type circuits) As far as I know, one of the hardest things to "program" the pcb layout package to do is to handle multiple differential pair routes. Is this true? From a physics viewpoint, routing a differential (...)
I am a pcb Design freelancer in China. Over 10 years pcb layout experience in a wide variety of products. For instance,NB Main Board,DVR,LCD TV. Power Supply module. Relevant software Experience: Mentor PADS--------11yrs. Allegro---------------8yrs. Protel99se-----------1year. CAM350-------------8years(if you lost design file,I can (...)
Kitchener, Ontario - Canada ON-SITE LOA: 3 months Start: Feb 20th Must have right documents to legally work here Altium MUST- at least two solid jobs with it High speed Analog or Mixed- MUST These experiences would be a additional plus: Digital Video Switch Pow
Hi I'm an Freelancer doing pcb layout design work using all tools I'm looking for pcb layout design jobs... anyone interested in outsourcing jobs to me...send email to
Design layout pcb in free-lance jobs. +++
Hi, I am a freelance pcb designer. I am proficient with Eagle, Proteus suite and Express pcb. I work with multiple layers and do schematics, complete boards and libraries. My working rates are reasonably low and I assure high quality results. If you are interested please contact me on
Hi I have around 7 years of experience in pcb design and worked on various software includes Allegro, CADENCE, PADS I'm interested in getting pcb design jobs. Please let me know if any one interested. Regards VRK
I will recommend you to add an alert with your area of interest (pcb design in this case). You will be mailed immediately when a job is posted in the area of interest you subscribe.:D
Hi I'm provding pcb layout Design jobs service. I have experience around 10 years in PADS, ALLEGRO, PROTEL Very cost effective & excellent technical service Any one needs our pcb layout service, let us know
Hi. we are an embeddedd computer development company in UK, with products like compact PCI and VME single board computers normally with Intel processors and chipsets. Available jobs: - hardware design engineer (experience needed: X86 processors, CPLDs/FPGAs, DDR memories, signal-integrity...) - pcb layout design engineer (...)
Can anyone help me in getting a job in cam in pcb industry anywhere in us or uk