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Hi, It's not clear to me: is the RTC hardware or software? An RTC needs a clock. What clock source do you use? If it is an external hardware RTC with it's own xtal, then we need to see the pcb layout. Klaus
Why be specific on Japanese? because if you work in a Japanese company they insist on using Japanese pcb layout software.
Hi, pcb is designed using Altium software and now I want to do its EM simulation in HFSS 16.2 software. Can anyone suggest me in which format should I export pcb layout from Altium software for the HFSS? Please suggest !!!!
...for a GHz switching IC every mm makes it worse. Which is the reason there is a market for power integrity analysis being done on boards. Many pcb design houses now have people on staff that can do power integrity analysis on customer designs after the board layout is completed.
Hi! I need to save pcb layout files as functional blocks for reuse in later design. For example suppose, I have a small circuit that has been routed and optimized. If need that same circuit in another design then instead of having to route it again, I should be able to use my previously routed circuit as a functional block. Does Altium support t
Hi, Possible problems: * power supply capacitor * pcb layout * does the xtal fit to the RTC? * does the load capacitor fit to the xtal? * software Klaus
I am looking for others interested in working through Ronald Quan's book "Build Your Own Transistor Radios" (Amazon Link below). I am using LTSpice to model Quan's circuits and KiCad pcb layout software to implement Quan's circuits as pcbs. I have made one board myself (toner transfer) and had one done by a (...)
which layer is needed in the gerber file when factory fabricate the pcb board?
1. project board with Eagle or something 2. create pcb with one of the common methods, there are a lot of info on google, what's exacly the problem? BTW: you can also pay somebody to create boards according to your schematic BTW2: you can use proto boards and create circuit without soldering
I made a small, 1A, inverter to drive standard small induction motors. Read details here. Schematics, pcb layout and demo software are available. The inverter is supplied by 230VAC, Uses IRF840 MOSFETs, PWM is at 15kHz, is pretty elementary and... is easy to build at home. It
Hi Do anyone know software can convert pcboard layout to schematic? Thanks
Hi I am doing project in Altium Designer 10 ,where I supposed to make seperate pcbs from single circuit , I have made the circuit on multiple schematic sheets and connected the components by "OFFPAGE" connectors. Now I want to make pcbs where sections of circuit will be on different pcbs physically,How can I achive this Kindly give steps.
Is Cadence allegro pcb layout software available for download? I am looking for the eval or the limited or demo version.
Hello All, I am relatively new to pcb layout and fabrication and our small company doesn't have access to much, well any, real layout software. As painful as it is to layout a GCPW board with autoCAD we managed. The only problem that arose was trying to define and give the pcb (...)
Hello, We are using Cadence Allegro pcb layout software, and we find that we cannot see the grid without having to click for it on the top menu. Is it possible to get the grid showing all the time, in like a dialog box on the screen? We need the grid to be visible when in schematic, layout and library windows. In (...)
We are making keyfob with some modifications we have been told to use PADS software im trying to design the layout but not getting it right, what are the rules for designinig keyfob, like how much distance(in mils) between capacitors,resistors,RF section also where to place decoupling capacitors and arrangemennt of other components, trace/track wid
i am looking to design a pcb antenna using Altium Designer. But i could not figure out how to design an arbitrary shape such as circle in Altium. Any suggestions?
Hi, Can any one please send me the DDR1 200 pin 2.5V SO-DIMM connector pcb layout file or gerber file. I need it just for reference purpose.
Does anyone come across to simple designer software from circuit diagrams to either pcb or stripboard. There are several which I came across but most of them are not so easy. I use multisim and convert to netlist (*.net), which is not accepted by most of the softwares. Please let me know the simplest available.
Where is the best place to post for a pcb designer to layout a simple pcb for an LED IR Illuminator? I have the circuit design but I don't know how to use, and don't have the time right now to figure out how to use, pcb design software. I imagine the design would take less than an hour and I am willing to (...)