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Hello, Did someone experience with simulation of RF pcbs (e.g. GPS). The signal propagation chain looks like this: Antenna GPS --> --> lna --> SW filter --> GPS module (e.g. from u-blox) All modules in such chain (except matching networks and antenna) have either Spice models either S-parameters. Mat
What if we solder source pin directly to ground plane on the other side of pcb? Although need to put vias on gate and drain, i can imagine gate and drain can be coupled to waveguides without vias. For high gain amplification and still stable solution
No, is not OK to use the same component values at those frequencies when the pcb thickness is increased 6x. The circuit might need another tuning adjustment. To maintain the linearity the circuit might need different bias when the matching components (which are frequency dependent) are changed.
Hello everyone I have lna mixer ıf amplifier and ıf filter on the pcb and I want to measure signal power,return loss, inertion loss on the pcb what is the best solution for this. Should I put directional coupler every spot or any other method to measure signal Thanks in advance
From this picture, you can't calculate the working frequency of lna. This picture only provides you a matching solution in pcb board. C11, L1 is the input L-type matching. C16,L3 is the output L-type matching. C8 blocks the DC current.
In most of the cases low power transistors are not multi-emitter, and they use two emitter pins on the package just to allow better pcb design at high frequencies. For example when design lna's working at microwave frequencies and need to use emitter degeneration inductor, or to decouple the emitter on both sides of the package. In these situations
Check the nRF24L01 datasheet, it has some sample pcb design and circuit with different type of antenna. range is not only depend on antenna. if you have to increase the range it requires some additional chip for power boosting . Search the net, you will get that also. lna and supporting chip design also available.
The Power Gain is pretty high and interstage couplings can create feedback and obviously be cause oscillations. Have you used shielding walls between the stages ?? How about GND paths and VIA configuration ?? Are you able to put your pcb and schematic here ??
Hi all. I have implemented on pcb the circuit attached (lna with bypass) but it's not working properly. If I open the circuit at node VA, and apply an external voltage of 5V, as a control analog signal of the switch, the bypass is done by the two switches (SW1 and SW2), each one is in the state ON-OF, and the lna2 is disabled too. (...)
if this will ever arrive to a pcb for real measurements, the very first point to start are the s-parameters from the manufacturer. However, if it is only for modeling purposes, that relaxes everything quite a bit.
Hi to all, I am new by here. I am going to develop a board for WLAN 802.11p communications. In my board I am going to use a transceiver (MAX2828), a Power amplifier, a lna and a RF Switch. All these components are 50ohms I/O matched. So, my RF circuit consists about some RF components and some transmission lines to c
Second picture, some traces are designed to be inductive, so that is why components are placed apart. RFI is no problem as long as it is a single stage one a pcb. Problems start when ground loops are shared between mixers, digital circuits, lna and such. In schoolbook you can find examples on how to keep high isolation by dividing ground-plane in d
Hi everyone I'm wondering whether you could give some opinions. We have layouts designed and simulated in ADS such as lna, antenna etc .. and we want to use each of these ADS designed layout as a pcb library component in Altium. So the prob is: it seems to me that Import Wizard feature in Altium pcblibrary Can' import Gerber layout. (...)
pcb Layout or IC Layout ?? If you would draw a pcb layout, Altium 10 is pretty good and cost saving package.. I personally use it.. If you wish draw an IC or MMIC Layout, Cadence is the first choice then Mentor and ADS is also good for layout..
Hi all, I have designed an lna at 145MHz using transistor ATF54143. I have simulated the circuit in ADS with S21=19dB, S11=-20dB, S22=-15dB, k>5 for a wide frequency band, NF=0.3dB. After realization in FR4 pcb, I have a strange instability problem. It is unstable when powering, but it shows expected gain when I just touch the source pin to gr
From 9.5GHz to 6.5GHz is a lot, and I don think is about Er change of the material (this change can shift the frequency). At 9.5GHz parasitics of components are very important, and also their placement on the pcb. Ideally would be to have the S-parameters of each lumped component used, but sometimes is hard to get them up to this frequency. Momen
You mainly refer to parastic capacitance to substrate? This was the effect that seems most obvious to me, and might explain the high frequency issue. On pcb, I have used gate bias network with a combination of SMD resistor and lines up to 24GHz, so I am not aware of a fundametal frequency limit. But maybe I miss
If you post your application circuit, we can say something.. The schematic is necessary to check your circuit.Nothing is understood from your pcb.
Hi, I have a question for you. I have to simulate active mmic (lna) in pcb alumina substrate. I would to use Ansoft Designer but i don't know how. For the lna i have only the s-parameter (file *.s2p). Now if I have 50 Ohm microstrip, then i have to interconnect with wire bonding 50 Ohm line of the microstrip to rf input of (...)
You can use an open λ/4 stub switched with a PIN diode (as in the picture). The quarter wave stub is λ/4 at TX frequency. The length needs some tuning function of your pcb properties. The PIN diode should be biased (R1) according to the available lna_Vcc. When the lna_Vcc is 0V, the TL sees open circuit at one end, and (...)

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