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A common topology is series/shunt SPDT connection using FETs. With discrete components you can get about 30dB isolation up to few hundred MHz, depending very much by the pcb layout design.
Hi Experts, I have a confusion in selecting part for the design and its mating cables.Below are the drawings for reference. I want to understand what does 2.92mm and 2.4 mm Jack signifies?The pcb foot print are compatible and not clear
A motherboard for what type of system? What type of training?? pcb layout?, signal levels?, interfaces?, programming, assembly??
I'm suspect the pdf converter. I suggest going to File/Fabrication outputs and generating Gerbers. You can down load View Mate from Penta Logic for free to view the Gerbers. Many designers always do this before up loading files for pcb fab as a check. In VM be sure to set the file type to All else you will not see the files. You should (...)
You see, FR4 isnt a standard thing! Its only a type of material & with an +/- εr value (eventually +/- 20%!) by all vendors.... You have to ask everytimes by impedance critical (pcb) designs your source_or pcb producer_ for the especially used/ possible exact Er-values. Typicall has εr a range of 4.4...4.8 :-) / :-(. K.
Hi there, I need SATA pcb layouts in GERBER, pdf or any CAD software. I am intending to add SATA HDD support to my OMAP via USB 2.0 interface. I am planning to use JM20339, but the manufacturer lacks of the pcb guidelines. I would be thankful if you send/point to me any source of information about the specifics of the SATA design. (...)
Hi... If any one having the signal and power integrity for pcb designers pdf can you please send me ... Thanks in advance Regards RAJAN.K
Hi Karesz, in our pcb manufacture least dril szie is 8 mils. in this case how can i put the micro via's in between the Bga pad's. if u pit the via's on BGA pad's i cannot take the traces from inside of the BGA pin's. because the BGA pin pitch is very less (.419) 16.5 mils and the BGA pin to pin Air gap is 7.3 mils on we have .. please g
Here is an example of protection I wouldn’t do (because of it’s complexity): But, 5.1 V can be a bit to low, whereas 5.6V Zener should be just enough .. If you do it together with a 63-100 mA fuse (any type will do, even pcb miniature) followed by 50-100Ohm shunt, this should provide
There is a range of single-row pcb connectors, including 7-way (width <0.5") .. Here are details: Regards, IanP
I just started using PADS 2005 and I went looking for the user manuals and I find only a few "Getting Started" type pdfs and a lot of skimpy CHM files for the online help. Am I missing something here? In PADS Powerpcb 5 there were very nice, full coverage pdf manuals for both Logic and pcb. I searched the (...)
Please, who can help me to find pcb test points (smd type) to use with standard oscilloscope probe?