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Do you have trouble placing some fine pitch or difficult components? Do you need help assembling your recent pcb project? Have you run into a component that you cannot install yourself? ProTronics Inc is a quick turn pcb assembly company that has been in business 23+ years. We specialize in pcb assembly, (...)
Top layer: 126352 Bottom layer: 126353
Hi All, I need a bit of circuit layout guru advise. I have currently made a 2 layer buck SMPS board. Although it functions, to much noise is on the board. This board was designed with signal and power on the top layer, and a Gnd plain on the bottom layer. My next step is to build a 4 layer pcb to try to reduce the noise, but I am little
Hello, We are laying out an 800W SMPS and wish to use 2oz copper on the pcb....but will this mean that too much heat is required to solder up all the signal components?.....(even if thermal reliefs are used) Should we put the signal components on a separate "daughter" pcb with half ounce copper?
What is the best way to unsolder a bunch of 0.100" header strips and DIP IC's without damaging the pcb substrate/lifting pads?? I have tried solder braid and I can get 90% of the bulk off but the small amount left can can be removed. I have tried hot air rework but on 20+ pins you need to sweep back and forth and the pcb heats up to much (...)
Here is another series by PACE on rework and repair of electronic pcb's. Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 [URL=
we are re-working boards, and they are populated top and bottom, so we cannot put on hot plate etc. I was talking about the more simple case. The usual rework stations with infrared or hot air preheating will also work for top/bottom populated pcb.
Hi, I would like to ask a question on Cadence file export. 62405 I am using Cadence SPB 15.7, and has an Allegro file whose extension is .brd. I would like to export the file to Altum Designer files, so I tried File->Export. However, there seems to exist very few options
The etching of a pcb is often difficult when circuit paths are thin. Often, only the BMP is available. My BMP_IN_pcb program prints a pcb from a *. BMP file. The program allows also a manipulation of circuit paths widths. Ev. rework with a graphics program may also be necessary be.. I am attaching an example. (...)
Has anyone reading this board ever reworked a SOIC (1.27mm pin pitch) to include a series resistor between the pcb pad and a pin part? I've lifted pins before and used jumper wires to attach them to some other pin/pad. I was wondering how fragile an 0402 resistor is and whether or not the pin could be lifted high enough to insert one, "tombstoned
Hi everybody, We have some old .pcb files created with Pcad, but now we have to open them with Proteus 7. Is it possible to do that? Thank you.
I need to know about "Metal pcb","Ceramic pcb","Polyamide pcb". I don't have a clear idea about it. Help me to understand. Thanks in advance for any help! Regards SWAROOP
I would suggest that u first find out what type of pcb u need. They come in fiber glass and another is... i have forgotten but can withstand higher temp compared fiber glass.
Where are you? It's hard to make recommendations without knowning where in the world you're based. We have a local supplier that does multi-layer pcb manufacture, sources parts, and assembles them. Including BGAs. Short run prototypes are typically in the order of US$1000. Even cheaper if you provide your own components. They are literally five
Hi, all. A group of friend of mine and myself are thinking of starting a pcb Assembly business in our country. We aim to provide BGA mounting / repair services, together with manual mounting services of other IC types (TSSOP, SOIC etc) and passive components down to 0402 size. I need some advice on the following BGA rework machines:
Anyone know where I can look for this equipment, preferably in Europe? With split optics for looking simultaneously to the BGA balls and pcb pad. May include hot-air/IR reflow. Aligning by hand is tricky :) Thanks. Amon