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hello friends i want to simulate 2 layer pcb and calculate s parameters. this 2 layer pcb have complex structure . in cst micro wave studio with frequency domain solver its have too long time for simulating and not appropriate . can any one help me to reduce thats needed time for simulation ? :cry::cry:
Actually as i said I'm not familiar with pcb design. I'm concern about pcb elements like Via's, PAD's and parts that are related to lumped elements and their effects on overall response of design.
Hello dear engineers, I am doing my thesis on Computational Electromagnetics and I wiould like to make a simulation of a fluorescent lamp ballast pcb with cst Studio Suite. I am interested in radiated and conducted emissions, because later the pcb will be tested in an EMC lab to confirm the (...)
Hi, I am new to cst as well as pcb milling. I tried exporting a antenna simulation from cst as a gerber file. ISOPRO does not register the aperture list for some reason. All it shows is D999 with 0 width. I also tried to view the gerber file using McCAD. Again McCAD shows an empty aperture table. Any (...)
Hello to everyone ! I think this was the best suited forum for my post...if not, please let me know. I am trying to simulate the behaviour of a copper trace working as a heatsink, where an array of powerLEDs is soldered. In order to make simulations, i am using cst EM 2009 because of several reasons: ? it can import pcb info from (...)
Dear all, I have a BGA package with solder bumps on top and solder balls on bottom, which belong to power, ground, and signal nets. However, I would like to treat all of them as signals since I want to connect the S-parameter block in the circuit schematic with other models e.g. RDL, pcb. I did my simulation in (...)
Dear Sirs, i am hardware designer and i'm having a problem with radiated emission from multilayer pcb. Can i use cst or Mentor tools for simulate and resolve this kind of EMC problem? In the past i used these software for microwave circuits design, but never for pcb with microcontroller on board. Regards
Hi, I am a newbie to cst and I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. I am trying to simulate a printed inverted-F antenna on a FR-4 pcb. The bottom side of the pcb is a solid ground plane except for where the antenna is. The antenna is fed using a coax with a waveguide port. I have also drawn some ground patches (...)