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Hello, Just designed and manufactered my BlueNRG-based pcb on ******, see attached picture for a 2-layer pcb with a pcb antenna works at 2.4GHz. pcb specs: Length : 55 mm Width : 30 mm Quantity : 10 Layers : 2 layers Thickness : 1.6 mm surface finish : HASL with lead (...)
20 Layer Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 20L Thickness: 3.1mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Aperture Ratio 13:1 + 8 BGA Contact me, let's talk details. Darren Y Tel: +86-755-33116982 Fax: +86-755-33116983 E-mail: (...)
4 Layer Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR-4 Layer Count: 4L Thickness: 1.0mm Min. Hole Size: / Min. Trace Width/Spacing: / surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: / 129709 Contact me, let's talk details. Best regards, Darren Yang Marketing Executive Shenzhen Benqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. No
8 Layer Hi-Tg Immersion Gold pcb Material: FR4 Layer Count: 8L Thickness: 1.6mm Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm Min. Trace Width/Spacing: 4/4mil surface finish: Immersion Gold Technical Feature: Resin hole plugging + 2BGA 129708
Hi, I am almost ready to build a pcb but I am not really sure if I go to the standard specs, which uses lead-free HAL plating or to something custom using another plating. It will be done by Advanced Circuits, 4pcb, by the way. How can one determine that? The probably "more complicated" devices that I have on it are: - a ATSAM S70 process
Hi. I have a multi-layer pcb file in allegro and I want to give gerber file to manufacturer to produce pcb. Which layers' gerber file must be generated? (minimum layers for a complete pcb with drilling, silk screens, defined layer thickness, ...) Which information are not in pcb file and I must tell manufacturer (e.g. (...)
Hi, What kind of pcb surface finish types are normally used. What are there pros and cons. Which is recommended one for high frequency pcb. regards
Dear all, This is Saxon from Holly Circuit technology,ltd. We specialize in pcb and pcb assembly, with the strength of many years working with the Flextronic,BMW etc. Source from us,and benefit from these advantages: Conventional pcb,1-20 layer,all kinds of surface finish. Aluminum/rigid (...)
HASL stands for Hot Air Solder Leveling. ENIG stands for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold. Both HASL and ENIG are two different types of a surface finish used for plating the Printed Circuit Boards(pcb). HASL is less environment friendly than ENIG. Choosing ENIG over HASL, reduces the use of lead and emission from flux and fusing oil. (...)
May i know how to choose what type of surface finish to be used in pcb designs?
Hello, What is best pcb surface finish for pads that will be directly connected to ring terminals using screw/washer/nut ? The pcb assembly must be suitable for working in medium-high moisture environments, but terminals won't be removed and put back unless the pcbA has to be replaced (I hope never). (...)
Look for 'Conformal coating' on google. Is like an epoxy resin varnish to protect pcb in harsh enviroments.
I'm in the process of choosing a surface finish for my latest pcb. The smallest pitch is 0.5 mm (FPGA in 208 PQFP). I have narrowed down my choices to two: 1) ENIG (Electroless Ni, immersion Gold): Apparently a tricky manufacturing process or else i'll end up with the black pad issue. 2) DIG (Direct Immersion Gold): Simpler (...)