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I assume that a part must exist in the library named "test point" or something along those lines. Is that correct? If you are planing to use these test points with a bed of nails tester, you should first know what are the constraints that the manufacturer impose for placement of these testpoints. It suffic
Can someone give me an explanation what is the purpose of different mechanical layers in pcb design software? I've found this thread: but the inner link doesn't work.
100Hz 20mV p-p noise circuit: a low noise preamplifer and two stage active RC filters. bare chip, chip-on-board bonding to a small pcb the chip bonded pcb is mounted onto a test pcb 20uF//0.01uF bypass capacitors placed close to the power connector @ test pcb 1uF cap placed close (...)
I have seen very few pcbs with masking via. If u do not mask the via,u can use via as a test pad.
Sorry ! Does anybody know how to make 2 side pcb . I have test plate the pad to via but i haven't succeed . Help me single sided pcb double sided pcb HOW TO MAKE GOOD HOMEMADE pcbs? S