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I have two PWM sources to control mosfet gate driver. the first source is MCU which isn't connected all the time (when needed)(it is not on the pcb), the second is timer 555 which is connected just when i push the buttons (right or left)(manual control and it is on the pcb). I isolated the two sources with pnp transistors to connect the (...)
hi all i got an old pcb an old pcb saw an qfp packaged ic named MH6111.. does any one have idea regarding ic... please do share ur knowledge because i couldnt find any datasheet....
The fact that this works fine on the breadboard and not on the pcb would point to an error on your pcb.
User ?reddwarf? made a LED imagestter for a pcb. The casing adapted from an old printer HP Photosmart C3180 The transformer adapted from an old TV LED: 6x1W UV timer: Omron H3CR-A Time needed to exposure
Two general comments. - please ask a clear question. Tell which processor you are talking about. This isn't a guessing game. - choose the right forum. The question is surely not related to Hardware & pcb Design P.S.: The register name suggest a PIC processor. You'll find a detailed description of timer operation in the datasheet of the respect
missing parts for the schematics pcb lay file
Hi Everyone , I want to make UV exposure machine for pcb manufacturing. I want to know the important things to be consider while making such a machine. This machine will be for prototyping pcbs only. Please contribute your thoughts. Thanks in advance.. :idea:
Hi You have to take care about pcb routing. You should supply vcc and Gnd directly from power supply. And increase the ground area also. which gives good improvement
I've tried a company for pcb manufacturing in HK. You may like to try it. You can contact them by
here i am uploading electronics softwares on 1)circuit maker for analog circuits and included some examples from Electronic devices from boyalsted. 2)PinTAr virtual lab electronics. 3) 555 to simulate various circuits based on 555 timer. digital circuit simulator for digital circuits pcb designer all above are zipped with electronics.rar
Im using the AM Transmitter and Receiver Pair along with the RF600 enoder and decoder. I have constructed my pcb, the output is going to a 555 timer with a basic pair of LEDs and a buzzer. At the moment when I press the learn switch the status LED on the decoded goes on but when I let go, it goes off again. I have this working on breadboard w
Microcontroller are the most single solution and ease for building... See the options: PIC10F200 $0.55 PIC12F508 $0.80 ATtiny 11 $0.24 The schematic and pcb for Your project are minimun, them I think microcontroller the perfect choise for You! *OBS: The development tool for the microcontrollers are free! MPLAB (for Microchip)
555 timer calculator
i want to make simple project.i want to make timer counter. but only five minute.five minute later counter is stop. when i press button counter is starting.. 5 minute later, automatic alarm and i press button again and stop sound. or automatic stop (1 minute sound) yes how is making it? i want schematic and pcb file.. SeTRoX from GWPT