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Some time ago I made a program to read/write/modify Altium pcbdoc files so I don't think it should be so complex to make similar things with MAX format. What you want exactly to import into MAX files? What's the problem to import DXF data in MAX file which is proven to work well?
Hi, To generate a DXF/DWG out of pcbdoc, I am using File -> Save As and generating a DXF. Unfortunately I am unable to generate any polygon fills in the PCB. Means, in the generated DXF, I can see the boundary line of a fill but not the complete solid fill. Any thoughts? Thanks, Trinath
can any of you guys convert for me the attached Altium file (*.pcbdoc) into Protel 99se readable *.pcb?? Thanks and best regards!!:razz:
one more advanced method is to make your drawings outside of Altium and then to import them as DXF or PLT (in case of PLT you need to import it first into CamTastic and the reexport into DXF). There is even more advanced approach - you can directly generate the lines, polygnes and regions in some PC program and write them into pcbdoc format.
Hi, can any body tell me how to open ".pcbdoc" extension file,or anybody can give me the link of the application use to open such file. Thanks.
COULD ANYBODY HELP ME OUT FOR Converting @ltium (P*otel) *.PCB/DDB/pcbdoc to Orcad *.MAX In Altium save as Protel PCB v2.8, then import in Orcad Layout.
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now i have successed to import .brd file into altium designer. the output is .pcbdoc file. How can i convert the .pcbdoc file to pads file? thanks in advance.
PLZ TELL ME HOW CAN I SHOW TITLE BLOCK IN PCB FILE IN @ltium DESIGNER 6.8 In your folder, ...\Altium Designer 6\Templates, there are various pcbdoc files with letters in front of the names like A4.pcbdoc, B.pcbdoc, etc. Those are template files for title blocks and page index letters and numbers, and the letters in the
Hello I have a PCB layout pcbdoc file in PROTEL that im gonna send to production, but i think the diagram is oversized and i would like to know the exact size corresponding to the parts , it has some DIP microchips and smt caps and connectors, is there some way to figure out how to do that thanks for any help