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I have made a gaint digital LED clock based on 89S52 assembly, every thing is working perfectly but I dont know why the time is running very fast in RTC. Just in 42 seconds it completes one minute. Although I m using RTC in correct order. Same circuit when I check on vera (project) board it works fine with no problem? I have checked the Crystal and
hi I have also made a clcok project with mu 89c51 and pcf 8583, but the problem is that lcd display only 2 times 1's instead of 7 times....for rtc test programming. I dont know why it heppenes, i have used 32khz cristal . can any one helps to give me exact programming? my project is microcontroller based annunciator. so interfacing lcd(20x
sn_burki, on pcf you have 1Hz output signal, and you should have one adjustable capacitor arount it. You have to connect this 1Hz signal to some precise freq. meter, and adjust frequency to be exact 1Hz. After that pcf works perfect. Regards, Mr.Cube
try to use pcf 8583 of Philips one, I have done it with 8051.
Hello, I don't know about the pcf8583 BUT I've used the DS1307 from Dallas/Maxim, and you don't have to stop the RTC to read it ! ! !