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hello friends I designed a circuit that it have a pci express interface that connect to pc . please suggestion software that I can test pci express circuits that connect to my system for example network card. thanks
I want to design a cable like in altium .your opinion ,how many layer have it? how can I connect GNDs and voltages for card and connector in pcb ? is it different GNDs for card and connector ?
50r to GND simply put...
Hi, I had a pci digitiser card installed in my PC ( ) . This card can count pulses from encoders and do some processing. Iam powering these encoders from an outside power supply(5V). The problem i found is if i connect three encoders( ) altogether i
I am looking for a Sata iii PHY chip to connect to my FPGA board, but not with pci/pcie interface. There are many Sata PHYs in market but all have pci/pcie interface and my fpga does not has one. My fpga does not even have GTX like high speed serial IOs Is there any Sata PHY in market that I can use with free LVDS I/O (...)
Hello, I have just upgraded my windows from XP to windows 7. The system inform me that I need to install pci Simple communication Controller. What is this? Where can I download it? Thanks in advance for any help. Regards, coolrox
There are some projects that use an 8-bit MCU like the ATmega to control an ISA graphics card like this: Now could the same be done using a pci graphics card by completely violating any offical standard? The memory and video generation is available on the board. One only needs a way to enter configure and ent
pci? Or pcie? Anyway, worked with these in the past, quite happy with it. In addition, their pricelist is on the site.
The only LPT ports that work are pci expansion cards like I have used a similar card with a Xiling programmer, an Altera programmer and AVR programmer with no problem.
I made this article quite a long time ago. Maybe useful for others. Well, it's quite inclined toward computer security but surely low-level PC (x86/x86_64) stuff. Link:
Hi, PREFACE -------- I'm trying to understand if I this connector can be soldered using the ordinary Wave Soldering process: Here's the datasheet: I don't understand the following poi
hello,dear everyone i want a papaer that is not on the IEEE:could anyone help to send it to me? this paper is :Tuttle, Wayne H., "Why Conditionally Stable Systems do not Oscillate," Proceedings of pci '85, pp. 384-389. my email address thank you in a
hi this is unbelieveble that you can't repair/reprogramm existing pci board (sw or hw) to work correctly! ?
I gonna use Advantech pci 1710 to read voltage and current from my battery (attached to sensor). then my GUI will control charging circuit to charge the battery and discharge the battery by using dummy load. so guys, any advice on how i can make this things happen? i need some tips and a bit motivation.
Dear engineers, Please help me to get out of these problem. 1). My project supervisor give me task to determine how much gates pcie core will occupy (this core would be written by myself as a final year project, may be I would take some references and help from xilinx pcie core, if they are provided for free) 2) I had no experience of r
are you sure your laptop has mini pci-e slot ? 1.8" ssd drive (Page 1) / Eee PC 901 Specific Discussion / EeeUser Forum
Details here - NI pci-6115 - 12-Bit, 10 MS/s/ch, Simultaneous Sampling Multifunction DAQ - National Instruments Costs $4180 new, I am selling for $1800 shipped. Money back (less shipping) if DOA.
Well, depends on which pci- conventional 2.2, or pci-Express, or Mini pci etc.. Go through for some details.. Hope that helps
ICP DAS USA provides LabView Data Acquisition. You can develop Data Acquisition I/O applications quickly and easily in LabVIEW with the ICP DAS UniDAQ LabVIEW toolkit and sample programs. Most of the ICP DAS pci I/O cards come from the UniDAQ SDK so you can transfer your applications to different pci
Hi i am looking for verilog code for pci, which can write 8 leds on vertex pro2 FPGA board, help me out...