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Guys, I try to set a time constrain for pci 32 bits 5V 33Mhz, Do I have a right time constraint already ? Please see my screenshots, 90215 90216 Thanks
vias act like parasitic capacitors. At the pci bus speeds you can ignore their effects on the impedance discontinuity.
Hi, I am designing a system whereby due to thermal constraints, I need to hold off the power to a ASIC Graphics processor whilst the rest of the system is powered. I have a pci interface (3V3) to the unpowered ASIC which appears to be driving a voltage of about 0.5V onto the 1V8 rail of the unpowered device. If I ground the pci (...)
Does anybody have Timing constraints ( Tsu / Tco / Th ) *.SDC files ( for ACTEL's Synplify and Designer ) for pci Target 32/33? Please share! Thanx in advance!
In high speed routing, the GND plane is necessary. To pci-E, 8-layer PCB as Intel recommend is a good idea.