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hi every body do you have any copmpact pci pcb design(a complete sample project ) i have some question in hot swap PCB design more in the power supply circuit and the terminations at the connector thank
I think no computer manufacturer would be glad to expose his designs But ICs manufacturers usually give application notes, design examples and evaluation boards schematics You better look for information in sites of manufacturer of chip set, pci Bridge, audio, VGA, Ethernet, battery and power managers ICs Intel, PLX, VIA, AMD, Crystal sites ar
Here is the schematic for the @ltera cyclone fpgas Would you kindly explain what this schematic represents, I got totally lost and cant' figure out much of it. Thanks in advance, Salam. it is an pci card schematic which is designed for cyclone FPGAs
but I dont find about the pci-x doc.
Hi people, i'm looking for mechanical drawing, correct land pattern and pinout of pci edge connector pcb and isa edge connector pcb. anyone may help me? bye
Hi, I need a ADSL Modem complete schmatic, in pci . With Alcatel ou TI or other chipser. best regards Yodathegreat
schematics of @ LTERA APEX20K pci Development Kit
If you need for digital camera I sugest you to by pci USB board for PC it is cheap (obout 100EUR), and you got very high speed !