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hello ,are there some guys intrested in AS -advanced switching ,ASI is the next step in IO technology Advanced routing, scalability, distributed computing, high-availability (HA), protocol agnostic switching ASI and pci Express are complimentary ASI extends the application space for pci Express ASI as the backplane interconnect, pci (...)
have you download and read the spec itself? I guess that should be enough for your need.
I have the pci express specification,but I don't have the expresscard specification,can someone share it.
search, search & search:
HI I want to start learning pci. which refrences do you introduce? HOw can I gain information from and where can I find pci V.2.2 specification and information? thanks
I cannīt find on net pci-Express Electromechanic specification. Could You give me some source? Not for BASE spec. For Electromechanical only. Thanks.
Hello hung81, A very important document for you is the pci-Sig specification ( ). Perhaps you will find the pdf in this forum (ebook section). The spec is a little bit cryptic but there are some other English books. Check Do you have a pci board with the XC95288 or do you have to develop your own hardware?
In the pci Local Bus Technical Summary it is said, that : "The pci specification defines two types of connectors that may be implemented at the system board level: One for systems that implement 5 Volt signaling levels, and one for systems that implement 3.3 Volt signaling levels. Three types of a
I am also looking for the cardbus specification, however, many told me that pci and Cardbus are similar, just Cardbus similar to PCMCIA has power management, and also some initialization process when plug (CIS).
Hi Check the following URL: 1. -> t tnx
See pci specification... link:
try this
Hi ALL! ------------- pci CORE - v6.2: the next generation pci IP Core from PLDA! Features: Compliant with pci specification rev. 2.3 Added 66MHz support for STRATIX and CYCLONE devices from ALTERA Redesigned 4-channel DMA engine with DMA chaining capability and interleaved operation Enhanced slave interface (...)
If anybody has used opencores pci bridge core, please help me. I am finding that the frame signal from the core is not according to the specification. When the core is acting as a target, it is expecting the frame to be asserted for the cycle in which the last data. Has anybody else faced such problems? Are any changes necessary to make it work
Hi can somebody tell me if delayed writes are supported for memory write transactions in pci. The pci spec says "Memory Write and Memory Write and Invalidate commands must be posted (PMW) and not be completed as DWR" But some of the locally available pci chips support DWR for memory write cycles. Will it be violating the (...)
Is there any pci bus master available for small volume retail?
try this :
Hi! I uploaded on FM such a specification . (HW) Just try the next week if FM is available. The directory should be something like: /pci Specs. regards Elvis P.