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Hi, Our tpms based project need to add NFC circuit to wake up Microcontroller (CC2541). We are using Premo antenna for NFC. Output of antenna passes through 137217 this circuit. So far we could able to wake up uC in max.2cm distance. We have to improve this distance.
I have used this stuff from isola. It worked well up to and above 6ghz.
Hello, I want to add in my design a chip (ceramic) antenna in Sub-1GHz, for the TI's CC1310. Johanson technology offers for this chip a simple solution. I can't understand, what is the trace element for?
From the posted pictures is hard to understand where the mistake is. Try to follow the example below, and you will understand how to design a coaxial feed. Indications might not be exactly the same if you use a different version of the simulator.
I have some experience with Graphene-based Plasmonic structure but not for antenna application. For antenna desogn you can use this IEEE paper.
VSWR 1:2 doesn't exist. VSWR ratio can only be equal or greater than 1. Usually the helix antennas working in normal mode needs some impedance matching to get good VSWR.
please suggest me some best pdf to read about metamaterial antenna for 2.4ghz applications Have a look at this or you can search specifically of your interests
A good option (gain, size, pattern) for this frequency is a narrow bandwidth Vivaldi antenna.
How to find that there is Latchup effect just after completing layout DRC/LVS any tool available. How to find that there is antenna effect just after completing layout DRC/LVS any tool available. If any one have work over it please response. If any one have any pdf/ppt please attach here
hi this link gives the Applications of UWB Technology
This will be an electrical small antenna (l < λ/4). Some suggestions in the TI application note AN058 Popular solutions are wire coil or chip antenna.
Hello, I've recently completed an HFSS tutorial demonstrating how to setup an antenna array in HFSS (Example ? Endfire antenna Array). In the tutorial you build a unit waveguide antenna, set up the master/slave boundaries and then setup an antenna arra
I would propose a slotted patch antenna with circular polarization, on both sides, avoiding in this way the H to V polarization mismatch.
Hello neffi, Select the circular face at the tip of the coax and assign a waveport, the integration line should be from the center core to the metallic shield. For more information look in this user there's an example about probe feed antenna
It's a GSM antenna and it has a datasheet. It can be purchased from many catalog distributors. Why don't you sketch it in HFSS yourself?
Consider -4dBi of a linear antenna Parallel requires impedance matching Pi then T filter C-R-C-R for 50 Ohms. Separate GPS antenna requires careful location and ground pad size. SIM908 datasheet.pdf
I attached here the links from GAP A Compact UWB Indoor and Through-Wall Radar with Precise Ranging and Tracking The New UWB Self-grounded Bow-Tie antennas and the Applications in Different Systems
For a range of 100ft you're not going to need much of an antenna at each end, unless the power is very low. For a simple design look at making the antenna on a PCB, it could be the same one as the tranceiver. Try this design, it looks simple enough and should do what you want. A search for PCB yagi an