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Hi, This app note explains Fail Safe is the relevant bit of a good thread that brown Out R
Hi, Have a look at this thesis. You should be able to calculate MEG if you know what to acquire.
Ok.. tolerance in what operating voltage, resolution, which parameter... ADS7844 pdf, ADS7844 description, ADS7844 datasheets, ADS7844 view ::: ALLDATASHEET ::: refer the 2 page of specification. he has given detailed explanation
For example, you can read:TOP204, "Three-terminal Off-line PWM Switch" and Design Note DN-8, "Simple Bias Supplies Using the TOP200".
i have its third edition
I'm guessing that you looking at this paper: "Video Compression Using DCT" It's not floating point, it's fixed-point integer. M = N = 8 col = 0 row = 0 C = K * cos((2 * col + 1) * row * pi / (2 * M)) K = sqrt(1/N) . . . . . The pdf says sqrt(1)/N but that's a typo
I will suggest you use L298 Cheers, Sarang --------------------------- Microcontrollers information, schematics and codes!
Try OPA602 - OPA604 .. or TL071 .. Regards, IanP
On Reset issues (brown-out Reset, POR ..) try these links: Regards, IanP
Everything on WDT and BOR (and other RESET issues) is clarified in this publication: Regards, IanP
Google found this in a few seconds. Page 15-3 of the user's manual: Error Code 65: Sampling clock (input element 1) failure. Service required. I don't know how to fix it.
S and LS gates are similar, so see page 12 of the ON Semiconductor LS TTL Data book: I changed the text's transistor numbers to match your diagram: Referring to Figure 1, the base of the pull-down output transistor Q6 is returned to ground through Q3 and a pair of resistors instea
Would you guys like a scanned pdf of the four-page product description from the Tek 1993 catalog? About 1.8 megabytes. Here are some possibly helpful words from that catalog: MINIMUM PC REQUIREMENTS Fourier Analyzers operate with an IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or 100% co
Check out this tutorial: Here is a link to a GAL programmer which you can build by yourself: Regards, IanP
Have a look at the AM422. It is voltage to 4-20mA current converter.. Regards, IanP
Hre is a link to a short publicaton on reset issues: That includes BOR .. Good luck
Here are some examples based on descrete components: What I use though is DS1232 as power monitor and reset circuit (both Low and High active + more) and for battery backed-up SRAMs, RTC, etc DS1210, both IC from MAXIM-IC.
If you use an analog multiplier and feed your signal into both inputs you will get a double frequency output and a DC output. Capacitor coupling will eliminate the DC. These chips go by MPY pefixes. The old Burr brown now bought by TI has some. Here is one If you want a cheaper form, use