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car sound system I guess it runs on 12 VDC? To make a simple 12VDC supply, you might do it with a hefty step-down transformer, diode bridge, and hefty capacitor. Before purchasing anything it's a good idea to measure the power which the amplifier draws. Suppose the 1000W amp draws 300W most of the time, with occasional
Hi, I know the difference of average and peak power, however the total power is different between these two analysis of my design (using the same testbench-full annotation). Does this make sense? If yes, why? If not, where should I place my effort to debug this issue? my best, Harry
The class d is almost certain to have some input capacitance with it..make sure you do your full bridge stability testing with this input capacitor in there taken account of aswell. You may find that your average power draw is much much less than your peak power draw. You may be able to (...)
Hi all, for an experiment I want to do I'm trying to find coaxial isolators for operation at 123MHz. Bandwidth is narrow (<1MHz), peak forward power is up to 100W, average power is 10W. I don't need incredibly good performance, 0.5dB of insertion loss and 15dB isolation would be fine. (...)
1st what are your specs for power, water clarity or attenuation with distance, and diode pulse power peak/average. As power rating increases , ESR drops at If and diode capacitance rises by same degree at 0V which affects modulation rise time. Group (...)
It is not the average power but peak power that counts then the impedance that represents compared to pin inductance (nH) and step rise time which represents an apparent frequency of interest usually up to 2/Tr. For uW peak power , that is (...)
This would seem to be a pretty common question so I'm surprised I can't find any information on it. This makes me think I might not be thinking clearly. Anyway, how do I calculate the total RF energy in a spectral range? peak and average power is easy, but how do I calculate total power (...)
You should first tey and find the threat source or info about it (if this is a field return). Then, what you mean by "burned out" along with what you know about the event, may lead you somewhere. Those zeners / TVSes have peak current and short term average current and short/medium term power limits. An ESD event (...)
One needs to know; Input DC voltage range Output avg. AC voltage range power Factor of load and peak current demand of load ( e.g. if nonlinear rectified AC to DC, peak current can be 3x~10x Avg. ) or motor surge can be 5~8x average ) Thermal resistance of your mechanical heatsink design Rca=1 to 3 deg/w (...)
Hi edaboard community, I see in spec of ET (envelope tracking) PA for 3G has a parameter: CW P3dB. Is it the same as maximum output power (peak power) or is it the average power. How can I convert it to 3G (WCDMA) power? (...)
There are two definitions for these kind of signals. "peak power" and "average power".Modern SA's can calculate these powers easily. But "peak to average" value should be mentioned in its specifications in dB.
This information...... GSM requires higher transient currents compared to a general purpose switcher. Select switcher specified for this kind of application. it will take average current 400-500mA and peak of 3A. Few good app notes: AN 26 power supply design for GSM applications from siemens
If the power supply already provides an average and peak current limitation there is no problem to drive directly without a resistor, assuming it is properly sized, otherwise once a LED is a device that behaves non linearly to temperature variation and to biasing current (particularly at the knee conduction curve region), a (...)
i am doing project on msic vectors.could anyone please tell me how to calculate average and peak power using xilinx xpower analyzer...
Linear operation is possible if you set Vgg to 3.5V, maybe even 4V for very linear amplification. And because 64QAM has about 7dB peak-to-average (and 16QAM about 4dB) might need to back-off few dB's the output power, to get minimum signal distortions and lowest ACPR.
Dear friends, how can i draw multiple graphs together to show peak to average power high after the allignmentment of the subcarriers.I need to show the animation how peaks are generated. Thank you.
Hello friends.... can anyone help me in giving the code for this am new to this matlab field..and due to urgency i need and expecting a help from you... Hoping that i get a positive reply.....
Hello.. i am newto this coding am unable to write the code for expectng a help frm u plz help in taking further step .hoping for positive reply...
Hi, Looking to provide backup power to a small aquarium, the average load would be 50w with a peak of 85w at 230v Can readily buy some 480W UPS from the PC places relatively cheaply but they only use a 9ah battery so they would only give a 2hour backup at best. Have seen some hack about adding a larger battery in (...)
Most electronic devices rectify the AC from the mains and charge a capacitor to almost the peak voltage of the sinewave. But the peak voltage of a squarewave inverter is less (0.707 times less) than the peak voltage of a sinewave so that the average power into an incandescent light bulb or (...)