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There are two distinct unbalance conditions: The three phases have unequal peak voltages AND/OR the phase relations between the phases are not equal. In general, we expect the load too be symmetric on the three phases. This condition is often not fulfilled. The effect depends on the source impedance. Your load is not the only load on the system;
If the peak occurs with undefined amplitude, perhaps an approach based on dV/dt (differentiator) could be suitable for this application.
The datasheet of the LM3915 bar graph IC shows a few excellent peak detector circuits. The opamps need a dual polarity supply. In my Sound Level Indicator project I used an opamp that works with its inputs at 0V so it does not need a negative supply. It is inverting so when its input is negative then its output goes positive. A transistor emitte
Better use always optotriacs with zero crossing detection, its not some difference in price, price is almost the same. With detecting zero crossing you will get better usage efficiency of sine wave. Like additional zerro crossing ensures switching in moment of voltage zero, rather than applying the peak voltage across bulb (...)
How about this? Let me google that for you
i want to detect the peak in the positive and negative cycle of a sine wave. is it possible using a PIC 16F877????
Hi, Iam looking for a circuit for peak voltage monitoring could any body suggest a peeak voltage monitor ic. If any body come acroos an ic withh built in sample and hold with a peak detection please let me know thanks..
hi, In order to measure the line voltage 220Vac/50Hz with a low accuracy (+/- 2%), I need to peak of the rectified waveform by the ADC of a microcontroller. If I use a low value of filter capacitor, the ripple os too much to give even low accuracy. If I use a high value, the response of voltage drop is toooo low. Any ideas what to do