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Hi, I'm trying to simulate a chiral media and retrieve its parameters. I almost read all threads about this topic. But they all discuss obtaining constitutive parameters from S-parameters. I need help with the previous step! How to extract S-parameter. I already used hfss for antenna simulation, but it is a special case. My media is large to proc
Welcome angeldemon, should i use periodic boundary conditions for the patch antenna? Not unless you're simulating an array of patch antennas. You can find a tutorial for a basic patch antenna over at EMTalk. You'll need to modify it by a) inserting your CSRR into the g
Imagine there is a 3D unit cell; I want to see if there is any way to simulate S parameters for the case the unit cell is infinitely extended in only one direction is finite in the other direction. Obviously floquet port doesn't work. Inserting only wave ports didn't work because I have master/slave boundaries. I might use PEC instead of periodi
Hi all, I am simulating a transmit array unit cell designed in a paper in hfss and I'm quite new with it. It is said in the paper that the unit cell is excited by two orthogonal and linearly polarized waves in normal direction. Also, it is simulated with hfss using periodic boundary conditions. How can I apply these two (...)
hi, i have problems with designing UWB LDPA IN hfss,can u help me in designing antenna by cascading the LPDA with 29-element and the meander line dipole array with 11-element,ultra-wideband of 20-2200 MHz. best regards. eng.ahmad jaradat - - - Updated - - - 95687 this is t
I agree with max. The external mutual coupling between elements may have a great effect on the performance of the entire array. periodic boundaries (slave and master in hfss ) may be used for the analysis of single element with consideration on the external mutual coupling in the arrary. However, the internal mutual coupling (for example, (...)
hi, can anybody please tell me which simulation software is to use for the simulation of a 30MHz - 1300MHz log periodic dipole array with very good accuracy. should i use Ansoft hfss or some other tool.What simulation tool will give me fairly accurate result for such an antenna. eagerly waiting for ur replies. with regards abhi (...)
hfss will end up being over taxed with a log periodic dipole array. You will have a better time of it if you use another code. maybe--AOpro, WIPL, Supernec, possibly even IE3D although size may ge to be a problem there as well. best of luck..........
In hfss,how is periodic boundary condition used? Especially tri array?