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Since you are saying its a switching technique based offset cancellation. Your should be using periodic steady state methods. PSS/Pnoise will help you,
You cannot see the pA signal because the noise is high. If the signal is varying only slowly (low frequency) you can consider a chopper stabilized amplifier. If your signal is periodic, you may be able to design a averaging setup. Essentially everything boils down to the nature of the signal. Perhaps you can consider a mosfet instead of a jfet that
I think the periodic waveform is mains hum, because the "hot" wire of the scope does not have continuous coverage by a grounded shield.
Hello all, I want to determine the power level (dB amp) of (supposed to be wgn) random signal using oscilloscope data. I have compiled a code to do the job but when tried to verify my code for several different signals (periodic sinus, random gaussian) generated on MATLAB, I have seen that the code yields different power levels for different sig
Hi everyone, I'm fairly new to signal processing. I'm doing a project which involves superimposing quasi periodic bio-medical signals (emg or egg signals) to remove the noise (the noise approaches zero because its mean is zero) so I can calculate the signal to noise ratio (SNR). The problem is that I think the frequency (...)
I designed a VCO which some part of it is switched by a periodic source. The switch frequency is 1/100 of VCO frequency. I want to know how can I simulate the VCO phase noise with pss and pnoise analysis in Cadence? I want to know the required setting in Cadence. Thank you in advance.
it is intended to decorrelate the quantization noise from the signal. Basically, if you have a sine wave, which is then quantized, you will find that you round to the same set of numbers every cycle. This means that the quantization error is also periodic. In this case, the noise due to quantization will appear as spurs -- high peaks in (...)
hello all How can i create. a powerline channel in matlab? I know i will probably need to use some types of noise like: periodic impulsive noise Narrow band noise, periodic impulsive noise synchronous Asynchronous impulsive noise, etc.. but i have no idea (...)
Hi. Y'all The attached file is one of relaxation oscillators I am using. This circuit specifically uses a TI?s TLC3702 comparator to generate a square wave output. Can you perform a pss (periodic steady state) and phase noise analysis for this relaxation oscillator in Multisim? My first software, Cadence, has both simulations. However, I can?
I found in pure digital 1st order modulator, the output is always a finite length periodic bit stream. Can I claim that, without dithering, output signal of a 1st order digital modulator is always a periodic signal?
Hello people, I am having some trouble simulating the NF of a mixer I designed. I am trying to simulate its performance using spectre periodic noise Figure analysis (combined with PSS of course), in the ways described both in CADENCE's app note ( ) and in a tutorial from a Sweden University
I cannot see your image but if its a switched capacitor amplifier, try the periodic steady state analysis to get the periodic operating point, and then do a periodic noise analysis. This is of course only possible if you have spectre RF. Or else, take both the on and off states and do a noise analysis on (...)
Hi, In the schreier book (2005) page 25, it's said that one of the inputs for which the condition of a white spectrum for the quantization noise is not satisfied, is a periodic signal with a frequency harmonically related to fs (sampling frequency). Now, 1- Does this mean that the sampling frequency should not be a multiple of the input signal fr
You cannot use SP analysis with mixer noise. SP is a small signal linear simulation that does not take into account frequency translation. (Although I heard about Spectre RF's periodic SP simulator - PSP that can be used to calculate the noise figure for periodically varying circuits). You can use HB simulator in ADS or (...)
I have a periodic signal and I want to make an average of a number of periods to get rid of noise...maybe make an average of 30 periods to get one nice looking period Does anyone know if there is any functions in MATLAB or name of a filter or any other tips on how to solve this problem?
This is dependent on the noise type. If it is random white noise, it'll be uncorrelated, while if its the 50 Hz hum noise it'll be periodic.
Amplitude is used for a periodic signal like clock, thus frequency magnitude is used for frequency independent composites such as device noise or spurious or floor noise.
This paper provides a testing procedure for measuring noise for an opamp. fig.3 page 5 III. MEASUREMENT SYSTEM AND MEASUREMENT METHOD It woudnt be a simple procedure the noise is small magnitude (pico/nano) and not periodic.
I'm using EldoRF on frequency divider or large signal amplifier. The purpose is to estimate the amplifier or divider's contribution to periodic clock phase noise. Simulation results are easily generated. However, i am wondering its accuracy. I never give the trigger point voltage to EldoRF, in which way it calculate period? thanks, Neofla
You can learn two important things. The first is the transfer function between the power supply and the reference output. This will tell you the effects of noise on the power supply. The second is the output impedance at different frequencies. This will tell you the effects of a load which draws a varying, periodic current or the effects of

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