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Dears I am trying to do calibre extraction for inverter but i am facing this problem ERROR: Could not find cell mapping for device nch. Ignoring instance M0. ERROR: Could not find cell mapping for device pch. Ignoring instance M1. However the LVS passed successfully, could you please help me in that. I am using TSMC65n
I'd need more details to recommend the best way (see the section "Best Way to Resize Designs" in the xrc_user manual) but you could try adding "LAYOUT USE DATABASE PRECISION YES" to the SVRF rule file. (That is supposed to be the default for xRC and xL if it isn't specified in the rule file. It is possible the foundry has reasons for wanting you t
SPF and DSPF stand for the same thing - its an acronym for "Detailed Standard Parasitic Format". DSPF (or SPF) file is the output of extraction tool (StarRC, QRC/Quantus, Calibrepex / XRC, F3D,...) - a text file containing post-layout netlist. It contains information about design elements (MOSFETs, diodes, BJTs, resistors, capacitors, inductors,...
This is a standard DSPF (Detailed Standard Parasitic Format) file format. It is usually generated by extraction tools (StarRC, QRC, Calibre pex, F3D, etc.), and contains parasitic elements (R, C, L. K,...) and design elements/instances (transistors, capacitors, etc.) along with their layout-dependent parameters. DSPF (also sometimes called SPF) fi
When I use calibre to extract the circuit (with CC+C option) - I see a big intrinsic cap (close to 300fF) for a pmos bias node (biasp to VSS) . The CC between biasp to VSS node is negligible (<<0.1fF) . My question, usually the pmos bias node parasitics should be referenced to VDD (nwell beneath the metal-poly connection). Do I have to chan
Hello All, I have question in regards to using probes in calibre pex extraction. I have a pdk with multiple programmable metal options. In one version of the chip I have 7M and in the second 8m. In both work areas the extraction tools is extracting the parasitics correctly on all metals. However in the GUI there is an option to set (...)
Hi, I am using clibre for pex. I want to avoid double extraction of rf models e.g. nfet_rf I have declared xcell file as follows: nfet_rf* nfet_rf The problem is when I use Outputs>Get net names from schematic, this does not work and double extraction happens. When I use get names from layout, it works but my cellmap gives me (...)
I am encountering the following error when I run extraction using Calibre v2011.4_14.13. Error while compiling rules file /Application/Cadence/CadencePDK/UMC65LLRF1P8M1T0F1U/RuleDecks/Calibre/G-DF-LOGIC/G-DF-LOGIC_MIXED_MODE65N-LL_LOW_K_CALIBRE-LVS-1.7-P1.txt: Error pex5 on line 2302 of $PDK_BASE_DIR/RuleDecks/Calibre/G-DF-LOGIC-LOW
Yes, there is. In the xRC or xACT manual, look for a section called "Extracting a Netlist with Mixed Parasitic Networks." (Section titles change some times, so if your manual doesn't have that section, search for "pex Extract Include" - the SVRF command you want.) The current manual on SupportNet gives instructions for doing it with Calibre Inte
Hello All, I am designing 12 bits asynchronous sar adc 10Mhz sampling frequency and I am done with the layout and it works good with pex but C only (I mean that I extract only capacitor not resistance) but when I tried to extract RC pex the enob became worse about 2 bit less so I am asking what will affect my enob I mean these resistors added by
i am using calibre Marking layer missing? Perhaps the proper instructions for series (and parallel) resistors extraction and comparison are missing in your Calibre pex/LVS rules' set? Check it! Work-around: 1. use 20 series resistors in your schematic or - if not enough space there - 2. create a su
Hello there... I am also facing pex error message which is that Error while compiling rules file /work/tools2/courses/ee6321/share/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.8.0.0DM/Calibre/xRC/ Error RES2 on line 70 of /work/tools2/courses/ee6321/share/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.8.0.0DM/Calibre/xRC/ - undefined
Hi all, I am encountering the following error when I run extraction using Calibre v2011.3_29.20. Error while compiling rules file /nfs/guille/ams/senbird/IBM13/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.8.0.4DM/Calibre/xRC/ Error pex5 on line 232257 of /nfs/guille/ams/senbird/IBM13/IBM_PDK/cmrf8sf/V1.8.0.4DM/Calibre
Hi I am trying to run pex using calibre. I am able to generate .spef(pex file) by using gds as an input file. If I try to run pex using DEF file it is generating an empty .spef file without any parasitic extraction. and I got the following warning : no nets in pdb can anyone tell me where the problem actually (...)
Dear all, I am using Calibre to do DRC, LVS and pex extraction. Does Calbre provide any tool for checking drawing metal width is wide enough for current density pass through? Something like Cadence Voltage Storm. thanks
Hi, I am doing parasitic extraction using Calibre pex and observing the results in calibre RVE tool. Simulation runs smoothly and it generates a table of extracted parasitics. However, I am not able to find any option in RVE to tell the exact location of these parasitics on schemetic. Moreover, It does not generate the extracted view of layout.
hello all I am doing calibre pex in cadence working enviornment bt while doing inductance extraction following errror is coming ERROR: SVRF layer physical information could not be built. ERROR:The inputs for the inductance engine were not properly built. I surf the net regarding the problem wht
I had finished doing the chip layout of the LED driver IC. The post layout simulation of each block performs well. Moreover, the whole chip layout passed the DRC as well as the LVS. But, the post layout simulation fails. I was advised to debug it from the parasitic extraction results (pex). The pex might be wrong. I'm using Cadence Virtuoso (...)
Hello Guys, Do anyone know how to configure the xRC (Calibre extraction) in order to create a compact extracted netlist? In assura, we can define the minimum value of R and C, also merge resistors (and so on...), what makes the extracted view more compact and faster to be simulated. How can I do this with pex? Thanks in advance.
hello,dear all i got a error message when i use calibre to run pex,the error message is : ERROR:Unable to open pdb:"svdb/amplifier.pdb how can i solve this problem?can anyone help me please?