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Hi, I want to characterize my library cells using signal storm(spectre). I've extracted pex netlist from layout in spectre view. When i try to simulate the netlist, in step1, it has generated the test vectors for the pins of subcircuit, but in step2, it did not perform any simulation with the command (...)
Hello, Something strange happened in my post-simulation: two cascade PMOS current sources are symmetrical in both schematic and layout, however the voltages at the same node in two branches are As shown in the picture, the voltage of node A is 1mV higher than that of nod
Hi, I'm using calibre pex to extract a single transistor: W=1, L=0.06, NF=2, M=1. The result is that in calibreview I'm getting two transistors: W=1, L=0.06, NF=2, M=1 W=1, L=0.06, NF=2, M=1 I noticed that the number of transistors I get is the same of the NF. The netlist however shows: W=1, L=0.06, NF=2, M=0.5 W=1, L=0.06, NF=2, M=0.
Hi everybody i do a post layout simulation, and spectre complains about "inf" value in the parasitic netlist, and when i took a look to my pex netlist, there is indeed some coupling capacitances which have a inf value so i am wondering what this inf mean ??? it couldnt be infinite capacitance :?: so i assume it's (...)
Hi, I'm using Calibre pex and Cadence spectre to do post-layout simulation of an OPAMP. I'm using Charterd 0.35um technology. The pre-layout simulation is alright and i also passed LVS. But the Post-layout simulation is not correct, the biasing point of these transistors looks weird. Take a current mirror for example: MP10 and MP0 f
Has anyone experienced the following problem? I have ubuntu OS, and mentor calibre (2008 version), cadence IC610. With Calibre pex, I am able to extract "spectre" netlist without any problem. However, if I use calibreview for post layout simulation in cadence design flow (Analog Design Environment), the extracted calibre view (it is a (...)
i extracted the pex netlist (called A.pex.netlist), and how to do layout postsimulation with this pex netlist? if i use pex netlist to replace the relative part of presimulation netlist, then how to do layout postsimulation with this (...)
when i extracted pex netlist (for ex: circuit1.pex.netlist)using calibre, how to run simulation with the pex netlist in spectre (ic5141)? what is the procedure? In input.scs, i delete the netlist part (with no parasitic parameters), and include the (...)
Hi all, Currently I'm doing post-simulation for my ring oscillator. I have issue with the pex spectre netlist generated by Calibre. I've tried 2 methods for simulating this pex netlist. 1) ADE method: I created a symbol to be instantiated into my test bench. I referred to this site:
please correct me if I'm wrong. You have a layout on Virtuoso & you used calibre to parasitics extraction & then post layout simulation. 1. If you want to do post layout simulation doing Cadence flow set the output netlist format in calibre as spectre format 2. If you want to uase Mentor flow, set the output netlist format in calibre as (...)
Hi, I used calibre to do RCE, and set the output ?format? to ?spectre?, ?use name form? to ?schematic?. Then calibre generated three files: just_for_test.pex.netlist just_for_test.pex.netlist.pex (...)