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Please confirm that it is simply not possible to design an electrolytic_capacitor-less, Power factor corrected, offline LED driver using a commercial off-the-shelf boost pfc controller in boost topology? Our boss thinks that you can just put say a 400V series string of LEDs at the output of the boost (...)
Thanks, I agree with you when you say that the leds of a direct drive luminaire will run hotter than a lumens_equivalent LED bank driven by a SMPS driver. This is surely bad because hot leds deteriorate quicker in terms of their light output. Also, you say SMPS can be 95% efficient, however, with an offline SMPS preceeded by a pfc stage, t
Hi all, I am designing a motor controller for bldc motor(540W, 230V). While designing the power supply section i am using an EMI filter section and a pfc boost section too. In EMI filter a common mode choke is used. my doubt is what should be the current rating of the choke. In some design references i have seen 2,3mH,5A choke. Will that be suff
What's the intended circuit topology? boost- or Buck-pfc?
Transformer leakage acts as additional pfc inductor.
usually because the pfc is often not isolated - - - Updated - - - Also the pfc cant charge batteries of voltage below the mains peak (~330v)
Just googling "pfc circuit" gives tons of manufacturer application notes and manuals, most of them are quite instructive.
Special dedicated single phase mains input like for electric shower...then three paralleled boost ccm pfc stages, using maybe one of the fairchild triple pfc controllers, then a full bridge LLC converter with good fan cooling and big heatsinking. or if you are really flashy, do software controlled boost (...)
hi, i am new to the design pfc, please suggest how to design a boost and buck converter pfc using LT1248 and LT1249 chip. I am presently using LT spice.
boost pfc topology and its variants are the widely used topologies as Electric vehicle battery chargeers...Does a CUK pfc have any advantages over boost pfcs as far as EMI/EMC is concerned????
An interleaved boost and a phase shifted semi-bridgeless boost converter can be used as a single phase pfc rectifier .Both are ideally suited for upto 3.3kW application...If we compare both of them Interleaved boost converter is less efficient because of the presence of the input bridge..but voltage and current (...)
Hello, We are doing a 3.8kw boost pfc stage. We are interleaving two pfc?s, each is on alternately for 10ms, then off for 10ms. The reason for this is because it will mean less noise problems, do you agree? LTspice sim and schem and inductor currents attached
I am designing one 1 kW boost pfc rectifiers.I am planning to use average current mode stead of using dedicated Average current mode ICs ,can we achieve ACMC using opamps i.e. can we design the entire feedback circuit using opamps ,error amp etc..If yes can someone suggest me any book or source from where i can learn about the co
I have seen in many single phase pfc boost rectifiers that the PF and THD improve as the output power increases. Can anyone give a perfect explanation for it??
Can some one explain why bridgeless boost pfc introduces significantly high conducted EMI noise??
Hello, We are designing a 3kw offline (230VAC) battery charger. Battery is 300-410vdc. We find that the most efficient way to do this is to have boost pfc with vout=380vdc, then LLC converter isolation stage, then boost converter charging stage. The reason for doing this is because the LLC converter, being an ?Intermediate? stage, (...)
Hello, We wish to make a 230VAC input dual, interleaved boost pfc stage (3.5kW) whose output voltage can be tightly controlled from 330VDC to 440VDC. Dual pfc controller chips like FAN9672 simply don?t allow this wide range of output voltage control. Therefore we need to make our own pfc controller with a microcontroller (...)
We will design a 3.8kw boost pfc with UCC28070 chip. We need Vout to be variable, since the following stage is an LLC converter with variable load voltage. Do you think the attached opamp method, to change vout, will be OK when used with UCC28070? We can?t see any possible interaction with the UCC28070?s internals as long as we are careful about
Hello, We wish to set the maximum duty cycle of our 45khz boost pfc stage to 0.9. The controller is UCC28070. Do you believe we will get problems from this.? We don't want it too high or else the current sense transformer reset voltage gets too high. UCC28070 datasheet
As you know, there are no "overlap" (Vds & Ids occurring together) turn-on losses in a full bridge SMPS. -Just the discharge of the Cds through the fet, but this is a small loss. The diode turn on in a full bridge is also at a reduced dv/dt due to the leakage inductance of the full bridge transformer, -admittedly it is not as slow a dv/dt as the PS