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You can make an FLL, but you will always get some frequency difference because of offset issues. In a PLL you may get a steady phase offset, but there will be zero frequency offset. The "modern" phase comparators function as frequency comparators when out of phase lock and behave as phase comparators (...)
Hi, This is an excellent book 1. phase lock loops by R. Best PLL - Design, Simulation and Applications_Best_5e
check Ronald Best book "phase locked loops , design simulation ,application" is good start Vˇenceslav F. Kroupa "phase lock loops and Frequency Synthesis" Gardner "phase lock techniquces " khouly
Hi guys I need a really easy to understand good book or material on the web that can help me understand how phase lock loops works in detail. Also anyone know where I can find a pll design using simulink? I need to design it with smal lcompnents t oput o na fpga, thanks guys