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Hi guys, I am a student currently working on a project to design a phase locked loop and I have a problem with designing the loop filter, which is a passive lag like in most textbooks. Basicly I am designing and building a PLL for a pretty specific scenario where noise performance is the upmost concern. My (...)
Hello everyone!!! I have a problem. I would like to perform phase demodulation using PLL. I have some matlab code that do that in the case of FM. Here is the code: %This m-file demonstrates a PLL which tracks and demodulates an FM carrier. clear all; close all; f=1000;%Carrier frequency fs=100000;%Sample frequency N=5000;%Number of (...)
hey guys this is my first time to post question here... I need to design a PLL by using matlab, but what my professor lectures in class is very confusing. Here's my matlab code and also attached: e = zeros(1,1000); % Initializing the error signal wc = 2*pi*95/800; % Omega for the signal coming out from VCO % with init
hi my best group any one can help me? i need to vhdl for phase locked loop(pll) i need it necessary..............please
phase locked loop tutorial from MATHWORKS
There is a very good section (with examples) on all digital PLL's in the following book: Roland E. Best phase-locked loops. Design, Simulation and Applications. ISBN 0-07-134903-0