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This question is not pertaining to any datasheet but philosophy of PLL. I was referring to the link . I found the following statement "When the PLL, phase locked loop, is in lock a steady state error voltage is produced. By using an ampli
If the two frequencies are far apart, phase information will be changing so fast, it may be unable to find lock. The reason being it tries to pull the frequency one way over half a cycle, then in the opposite direction during the following half cycle. The solution is a combined phase/frequency detector. Here is a good read on phase (...)
Can someone explain for phase locked loop (for synchronization purpose) for 440 Hz-500 Hz Sine Wave Tone for sound application using PIC Microcontroller Can some one explain circuit along with Pseudo code for PIC controller say PIC16F887
I am trying to calculate rms jitter for PLL. Will abs_jitter command in cadence calculator after selecting the clock suffice. The result, I get is absolute jitter. Is it the same as rms Jitter. please advise regards -pc
Hello all, I would like some resources on the topic of "All Digital phase locked loop", if you recommend a good book on the subject or some papers or even lectures. I am also interested in the FPGA implementation of the ADPLL, any recommendations or tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
In the linear tracking mode, you can frequency modulate the signal with a sine wave and measure the loop response to determine the -3dB point. loop gain and obviously the VCO gain and range in particular influences the -3dB bandwidth set by just the LPF's but since phase error is limited and non-linear beyond the type II range, this will (...)
I tried to simulate a phase locked loop circuit in Hspice and then in MATLAB. When I simulated the PLL, designed in Hspice, in Simulink, I copied the parameters such as lpf transfer function, vco input sensitivity, vco quiscent frequency of the Hspice circuits onto the blocks in Simulink. Yet the capture range was very different from what I (...)
I have designed a PLL in cadence. The VCO structure is based on LC. the control voltage enters into lock range but unfortunately the structure cant get to phase locking. Does any body have any experience about this problem? Thanks
Use a frequency lock until the change of phase per second gets low enough for the PLL to pull in. Frank
A DLL corrects the output (lead and lag) so that the output is in phase with the frequency. I understand how a positive delay can be created to correct for a lag in the DLL. A simple buffer can create a positive delay. But the minimum delay possible is 0 when there is no delay element. How does a DLL correct for a phase lead? I.e how does
Hello, sorry if this is a bit vague, but could anyone give me some tips on how to implement a TDC (based on tapped delay structure) in Simulink. There seems to be very little information online on how to simulate such a device in Simulink. I need it for simulation of an All-Digital phase locked loop.
Hi I'm trying to simulate the dead-zone present in the phase frequency detector of a PLL. However, I get these waveforms 120912 Here is the circuit diagram of the phase frequency detector. The FFs in my simulation have a reset that need to be set to LOW. So I'm using a NAND gate and Z is the output of the NAND gate.
I am about to design an ADPLL block where I want to know what all parameters I need to take care while designing a bang bang phase detector? Thanks in advance
You need to define certain parameters first, like type of PLL - integer or fractional, then reference frequency, frequency divider ratio, KVCO of the VCO, the charge pump charging or discharging current, maybe loop bandwidth and PLL phase margin, etc. After that you can go through the calculation of the values of loop filter components by (...)
I have question. If i make the phase locked loop of CDR(Clock and Data Recovery) which is composed of 2 charge pump circuit(Icp), i want maintain same bandwidth of CDR which is composed of 1 charge pump (I'cp) then, should i make currents of charge pump is 0.5I'cp ??? or Icp=I'cp???
How is the input frq,lock range, capture rangee etc decided in an ADPLL? Pls explain, I am new to this topic
Hi I am looking for IC or circuit which can generate a phase locked sin wave , in phase with the Analog PAL TV sub-carrier. Something like MC44144, and if it can generate in phase and quadrature phase it will be great. the purpose is adding color overlay on Analog TV Picture, using the composite (...)
Hi, I have some experience with digital pll. However, I am completely new all digital pll. I am looking for a practical design book on all digital pll. Any recommendation?
Why don't people use a phase locked loop to recover binary phase shift key (BPSK) data? If all that is changing is the phase, why the need for a mixing and downconversion?
can anyone tell me what is the output of the pll ic cd4046 from VCO- is it sin wave or a square wave?