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If number of LHP poles is higher than LHP zeros for only one, phase could never achieve -180 shift.
As a rule, circuits in ff corner will have better performance in terms of GBW and phase margin than ff corner; on the other hand, ss corner usually degrades these circuits performance. could anyone give me some explanation on this,thanks in advance! Added after 7 minutes: or how do process corners affe
I am verifying a PLL block for which I need to find the phase margin for each process corners. The PLL block consists of he following blocks PFD, Loop Filter (2nd order RC filter), Charge Pump, VCO and a divide by N block in the feedback. My concerns ---> Should I perform ac analysis for the whole PLL (...)
I've come up with a strange issue. When simulating a OTA with feedback, I simulated the loop gain by cutting the loop at OTA input. In almost all corners, the phase margin will be close to 70degree. However, in fast corner and hot temperature, the loop DC gain is positive. However, transient simulation shows that there (...)