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The frequency response represented by Bode's Diagrams is only valid for linear systems. Non-linearity means that the gain and phase introduced by your system depends not only of the input frequency but also of other parameters (input signal's amplitude, input signal's bias, input signal's frequency). Thus, in order to represent the frequency respo
Sounds annoying but sometimes a higher frequency oscillator could have lower phase noise than a lower frequency oscillator, even they use the same active component. Leeson equation stated that: doubling the operating frequency the phase noise increase by 6dB, but in the same time, doubling the loaded-Q of (...)
hi antenna experts. i designed a Reflectarray unit cell with proper phase shift in CST. i used unit cells in array and fed it by a horn antenna. the solution type is integral equation. now i want to know how can i gain the phase of each element(phase of fields or (...)
See equation for RMS Period Jitter in attached figure. How to derive this equation ? Especially, how is sin() term from ?
Hello All, I had a question regarding the phase relation between the RF input and IF output of a down converting mixer. I am attempting to make a device which can measure the phase or delay of a particular DUT at X-band. I attached a simplified block diagram of the circuit below. 120697 I am using a directional co
Hi, all. I am simulating a VCO after an ideal bandpass filter. The phase noise of original VCO is about -122 dBc/Hz at 3 GHz. Then I set bandpass filter by using cadence functional block, Q=50, at 3 GHz. However, the phase noise after filtering is only -75 dBc/Hz. I am not very sure where I did wrong. Hope (...)
Hell, I'm having a problem working out a few questions.... v = 120 sin (50πt + 1.1) V I need to work out frequency, amplitude, relative phase, value of v when t is 20ms, if this voltage is applied to a resistance of 100ohms what would be the equation for the instantaneous current? I think the frequency is 50 and the amplitude (...)
112652 1.The feedback loop offers 0 phase shift regardless of frequency,then how the freq. of oscillation be selected from the others? Thanks!
Hi, In Phillips' paper: am quite baffled by his comment "impulse response of the phase deviation phi(t) can be approximated with a unit step s(t)". Why and how to explain that? Further, how to derive equation (6) from
The impedance of a capacitor is inversely proportional to frequency as shown by the equation you referenced. ...and we shouldn`t overlook the fact that the term "impedance" involves also a phase shift. This is an important property that is exploited in many circuits (example: integrating circuits).
The equation for this filter according to this book "Simulation of Communication Systems" by Kluwer is defined as H(f)=exp(j*\theta*\omega^2) where \omega=2*pi*f and \theta is "the phase at a reference frequency of \omega=1rad/s". What does "the phase at a reference frequency of \omeg
Hi, For the first order loop, its difference equations are easily got. But for the second order loop BB PLL, it looks like unclear to get the difference equations. More specifically, I am not clear about the VCO output phase term at the BB PD input, see equ. (4) below please. 106034 First of all, I suspect the 'n'
Dear friends, I need help in choosing RFID development board or RF TX/RX evaluation board. The goal is to find the phase of the received signal by using the I and Q information after demodulating the received signal. The equation to calculate the phase is arctan(Q/I). I don't care about how what the data (...)
The FFT decomposes the signal in frequency, generating a complex spectrum with both positive and negative frequencies, depending on both amplitude and phase relationships. We are now not interested in the phase. Fixing a frequency, the absolute amplitude for positive frequency is the same of that in the negative part. So, (...)
Hello, in the result of simulation with ADS, there is 3 parts: Mag/phase, Smith chart and equations plz Can u tell me what 's the aim of this equations? how and when we can use it them? many 10x Do you know what s-parameters are ??
I created a BPSK signal in Matlab and I'm wanting to extract the unwrapped phase from the instantaneous phase obtained. The detail is that the result will apply an equation to get the centered non-linear component of the instantaneous phase which is given for "phi_NL" in the (...)
Hi guys, I am a student currently working on a project to design a phase locked loop and I have a problem with designing the loop filter, which is a passive lag like in most textbooks. Basicly I am designing and building a PLL for a pretty specific scenario where noise performance is the upmost concern. My question is this: I have
hello forum. how can ı find the bode diagram of 1/(jw-1) ? especially phase diagram is important and ı dont describe phase equation ?
Can anyone explain how to get the dispersion diagram(phase constant) using HFSS simulating the metamaterial antennas(for example leaky wave antenna) For metamaterials, it is possible to get the dispersion diagram by this way: Simulate the HFSS model, and get the S pameters Then program in the matlab using the S parameters. But for metamateri
Hi. is there anyone who is familiar with surface wave plasma discharges? I want to solve dispersion equation of surface waves in cylindrical plasma column,numerically,to obtain "phase diagram" and "attenuation diagram" from dispersion equation solving. But this dispersion equation include in bessel (...)