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All switches have a series resistance and the parallel capacitance determines a break point in frequency response and phase begins to shift one decade below this. The ratio of ESR of caps to switch RdsOn also affects gain reduction as you dump the capacitance. Ceramic caps also have a memory effect so NP0 type are better than the rest and film
Dear all, i am designing folded cascode based integrator. It's transient response and phase response are quiet fine but it's gain is quiet low. When i increase the gain by changing W/L or bias voltages, the transient response is distorted. Ideal response: :arrow:AC magnitude (...)
The specification (<1% relative bandwidth) suggests a 90° phase shift element rather than an integrator.
the frequency step is a ramp in phase , so the phase step is differnitation of frequncy step"which is ramp in phase" so to get frequncy steo respose "apply a step" then put an integrator before the pll khouly
Yes! The feedback response fives you +90 degree up to the frequency where the input cap of the diff inputs and the resistor set the pole. So the phase margin of the open loop increases. So look for a resistor which gives with the input cap a higher pole than the second/third parasitic pole within the opamp.
A decimation filter uses a Cascaded-integrator-Comb section followed by a FIR section. The CIC section decimates down to 4 times the output sampling frequency and has a response of the form (sin x over x)^n, n being higher than the order of the analog section. The FIR can be any linear phase design, and is used for antialias pourposes. (...)