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Best e-book is the Google. By array-antenna, are you looking to build a phased array? Or just using multiple arrays to increase directivity and gain? I would've gone for Helical however...
Uh, specification...? Frequency, gain, beamwidth, bandwidth, size etc? Start by Googling "phased array" and have a look at some of the pictures returned.
how to improve gain of a phased array antenna?
Hi, I'm working on the a phased array receiver of a pulse doppler radar. I must analyze the receiver in terms of: - gain - Noise Figure - Phase noise - IP3 and other system requirements. Where can i find documentation for this work? Thanks. MS
Before any beam steering properties (or change in antenna pattern), a phased antenna array can provide better gain than a similar aperture non-phased antenna array.
hi can any one tell me what are the elements/antennas requirements for a beam steering, does number of elements/antennas improve radar resolution? If yes then how can we calculate elements/antennas required in a system. thanks
hi can any one tell me how the elements/antennas requirements are calculated for a phased array radar? thanks
simply to convert them to phased array , u need to insert a phase shifters before the antennas , by controlling the the phase of each phase shifter m u can control the direction of the beam another thing , that with the phase shifters u can add amplifiers 'variable gain amplifiers' , this will add another degree of freedom to control the (...)
Hello We have designed a phased array of microstrip patch antenna for electronic beam steering in which we have simulate digital switched line type phase shifters for phase variation among radiating all elements and fixed gain class c amplifiers for variation of weighted amplitudes of each element. Task 1: I also have to write a chapter (...)
This paragraph is from ?phased array antenna? by R.C.Hansen pp 273 , 274 Does anyone know what is the mining of ?aperture? in this paragraph ? ?First, the scan element pattern (SEP) is computed for the corresponding infinite array. This SEP is then Fourier transformed back to the ?aperture?. Third,
The gain of the new antenna will increase ONLY if there is a particularly phasing and distance between antennas. Just search the net for phased array Antennas.
How I can obtain 120 degree of coverage using microstrip stacked patch? I think that i can use phased array, but when i use this my cross polarization level increase and i can't control my vertical pattern. I use amplitude tappers to control my vertical sidelobes, i use 8 stacked patches for 14.6 dBi of gain, i need cross polarization (...)
Dear friends Can anyone of you make a comparison of LOOPS Vs Folded Dipole Vs Simple Dipole Vs Yagi's in terms of directivity , gain , Bandwidth and what if phased array are fromed of above mentioned elements. I need application wise comparison that where to use which type more suitable? Plz its a request that
In a phased array the value of the phase shift is affected by nearby antennas and the distance from the ground-plane. For 2 dipoles a 5/8 wavelength is the highest gain advantage over a single antenna, and with practical materials, gives you a little over 2.5 dB of gain.
You can make a phased array of four of these elements and get about 5 dB more gain. This will about halve your beam width.