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Most of the automotive radars use several adjacent sensors. The measurements of the target distances and direction use a trilateration algorithm. Some manufacturers (Valeo-Raytheon) developed a multibeam phased array antenna that provides the same information.
Hi everyone, I have a question about radar IMAGING with MIMO virtual arrays, who can help me? How is a MIMO radar used for imaging purposes? Does it need to make a beam scan like a phased array-based radars or is a single snapshot sufficient (considered that it builds MxN MIMO channels) ? (...)
Hi, I'm working on the a phased array receiver of a pulse doppler radar. I must analyze the receiver in terms of: - Gain - Noise Figure - Phase noise - IP3 and other system requirements. Where can i find documentation for this work? Thanks. MS
hi can anyone tell me if a phased array radar can be designed for 100mhz? if it can be done then i'll try to build one, it would be a good learning. thanks
hello every one i wanted to build a phased array radar for 8 GHz, can any one tell me how can i build it? i am a noob and previously i have build fm transmitter. thanks
hi can any one tell me what are the elements/antennas requirements for a beam steering, does number of elements/antennas improve radar resolution? If yes then how can we calculate elements/antennas required in a system. thanks
hi can any one tell me how the elements/antennas requirements are calculated for a phased array radar? thanks
u can get cosecant squared pattern using lots of beam shaping techniques gor through books by Mailloux on phased array antenna handbook and antenna theory and design by collins
Hi, It is really not clear what do you want to do. If a radar uses a phased array antenna, we can not named it as a phased array radar. In other word Using a phased array antenna in a traditional radar does not change it to a (...)
i am having four years of experience in teaching MW electronics to M.Tech students and for last four years i m working on phased array antennas (designed and configured antenna and antenna arrays for radar applications). (total 8 yrs experience) can anybody send me some opportunities of RF and microwave/antenna jobs in (...)
Did any of you ever get to come across any links or perhaps own private collections of e-books/pdfs on phased array antennas? Perhaps also e-books by authors like Hansen or Munk? Many thanks in advance. Best regards, David
i think it depends on what kind of communications link, it can use wire antenna, parabolic antenna , phased array antenna,etc
Ansoft HFSS was used to compute S parameters, fields, radiation patterns and radar Cross Sections for phased-array antennas. Since the radiating elements of the phased-array antennas are strongly coupled, one needs to take this coupling into account in order to obtain accurate results. Ansoft HFSS (...)