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Hy, I am doing final semester M.E in vlsi. I am going to do my phd full time in Analog vlsi domain. Can anyone guide me how to choose a research work under Analog vlsi or the categories under analog vlsi. Thanks in advance.
Hi friends. I'm Pavan. I'm working in a central government PSU at Nashik, Maharashtra. I want to pursue phd in Electronics Engineering in vlsi field. As I'm already in a job, I can't join Full-Time course. Also, my company will not sponsor me. Suggest me some good institutes for Non-Sponsored Part-Time phd. Also tell me what should I do (...)
hello i have completed my mtech in vlsi and planning to do phd but not able to decide on a good topic for it. please help me out. also im more interested in satellite communication, biomedical sensors, digital electronics
Please suggest me some phd research topics in Low Power vlsi Design
Hello everyone........I am searching a latest phd topic to start my phd which should be related to vlsi and computer science both. Actually i have done my B.Tech in CSE and M.Tech in vlsi and now trying to get admission in phd but the main problem is to choose any topic firstly. My area of interest is (...)
post some phd thesis in vlsi field
hello all i completed M.Tech in vlsi i am planning to do phd in german country i does'nt know what r the requirements,any suggest me some useful link and what r the procedure
Topics needed for phd in vlsi in front end side...kindli guide me
I wish to do phd in digital electronics field...especially in the field of low power vlsi...Can anyone give information regarding this...and which field is more good and advanced...
Hi, I am MTech holder and 6 year experience in vlsi industry. Could you any body know part ime phd positiions available in and around Bangalore.
Hi there, I am a master degree holder in vlsi Design and Embedded System from INDIA completed in 2007 and now I am interested in doing my phd in ASIC Design. Can anyone suggest me which university to apply.
vlsi work? in Austalia ? You have got to be kidding yourself. What extremely few there is is grabbed by phd students here. Don't you know ? Australia just digs up raw material and ships it to the rest of the world. Anything hi tech is bought from elsewhere. We are really a backward country, unlike yours.:wink:
Hi, i am a new phd student, and topic of my study is "PVT variation aware vlsi design". As i am very new to this field, so i need guidance in this regard. Please answer my following questions 1) To model process variations for digital vlsi design at architecture level which tools are used (e.g HSPICE, SYNOPSYS)? 2) Which is the latest (...)
Hi, I am now a sophomore student in my university and next year I want to study on a topic with one of my professors. My department is EE and I wonder the future of these two engineering jobs in us. I will study on one of them and need your help to decide. I will also do phd at one of Top 20 universities in US and actually I want to learn employmen
hi, Where can I download this phd thesis: "On the Design of Analog vlsi Iterative Decoders" ETH No. 13879 Also if I wasn't so familar with coding topic, how can I work in analog decoders? Regards
Well to get guidance for MS/phd refer the site There are many seniors who would guide you about this. You can also try for spring semester if you have missed fall deadlines...
If you love to teach, then dont worry about MNC's. If you are going to do phd only for a MNC job , then dont do it.
hai this is pavan in vlsi having work experience on vlsi testing projects.I need help regarding phd admission in u.s.a. i have masters degree. i need to take gre/tofel for admission.How to approach top university professors in my domain .
did it includes the phd ?
Hai everyone, I have done MScin vlsi I am interested in doing phd ,so kinldy help me in finding some good university ,I am interested in Low Power Design any guys doing phd can suggest me how to approch the staff. Thx Kumaran.S
Hi , I am Raghavan.Presently located in bangalore.I have done my Diplama and doing MS-vlsi CAD from is UGC approved.Can any one tell me where i can do my part time phd in vlsi. Thanks in advance. Regards, N.Raghavan
Hi All, Which IIT is best doing phd in vlsi Design. My area of interest is low power digital design. I have chosen IISC , Bangalore and IIT- Madras . Kindly give your valuable suggestions. Thanks in Advance Regards, Ammankumar.S Talk to Prof. Kamakoti in IIT Madras. Ajeetha, CVC
Hi All, Which IIT is best doing phd in vlsi Design. My area of interest is low power digital design. I have chosen IISC , Bangalore and IIT- Madras . Kindly give your valuable suggestions. Thanks in Advance Regards, Ammankumar.S
Hi, Which IIT is best for doing phd in Analog IC Design. Thanks, Ammankumar.S
there are continuous posts for phd positions in imec.... always check the site for updates...
I just got my phd degree in Hong Kong and currently I am looking for a job in US, Canada, Europe or Shanghai (China). Totally I have 7 years design experience in ASIC/vlsi field and taped out 6 chips. My latest tape out is a low-power H.264/AVC decoder chip which is designed by myself alone and got the first silicon pass. Do you have any sugges
Hi, 1. Dont worry about not knowing too much. I believe that Unis now lag more than ever to the industry in teaching vlsi design. You will only learn it when you join industry. No one from uni has enough knowledge these days(unless you are a phd student) 2. As far as ASIC for your circuit is concerned, Well to design an ASIC, we do use HDL to cod
hi if your interested in continuing your project in to your phd then if you are interested in communication then you can try implementing OFDM or LDPC... hope you know what they are... if you wanna do it fully in vlsi try implementing some processor...
I am currently persuing MS from University of Texas and looking for good professor for my phd degree. Please kindly suggest some universities and Professors for phd in vlsi (Analog and Mixed signal IC design) in USA. Any suggestions from current phd student or some Industry guy is accepted. You can contact me at (...)
phd studentship usually means your tuition fee will be free/subsidised as you will be working on projects/RnD for university... benefits vary among universities ... some provide living allowances ... some requries you to do tutoring or lecturing for undergraduates ... you need to check with prospetive univeristy you wish to apply and also know what
I'm the new one here. :| There is a chance of pursueing phd degree related to vlsi CAD near NewYork for me. Anybody know the job market in that area? if possible, pls give me some details. i will appreciate your reply! :D
hi all pls help me ... I'd design a asic in vhdl I must convert to vlsi..... this my phd thesis project.... : :sm9: pls tell me how I'II convert and which sware ? thanks everbody