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Oscilloscope phillips PM-3262 Repair: No control over intensity and focus of CRT display. Full brightness, not focussed. After abt a half an hour the Scope returns normal, I can control intensity and focus as normal. Think it must be somewhere in the Z-Circuit?
That looks like a "phillips I2C" FET levelshifter based board. I'd suggest to use BSS138 , hve a look @ Adafriut for the schematic , or the Philips I2C AppNote. But TI (and other) makes some nice IC based ones /Bingo
Which compiler you are using if you have nxp chip then include the phillips header file in place of reg51.h and just try below thing #define RS P0^0 /*0 for Command , 1 for Data */ #define RW P0^1 /*0 for Write , 1 f
Hi, In phillips' paper: am quite baffled by his comment "impulse response of the phase deviation phi(t) can be approximated with a unit step s(t)". Why and how to explain that? Further, how to derive equation (6) from
Hi Guys, Im new to Microcontroller. Im having phillips P89V51RD2bn Microcontroller. I would like to practice the embedded code. Instead of using development board, i like to design circuit on breadboard. So i got P89V51RD2 interface with 7 segment LED display. 107183 From the diagram i see input volt 5vdc. B
Hi All, I am following phillips I2C spec, and in that they have given that a read will happen only after a dummy write to that address, whereas write can be directly done to the address. Why is this? Why cant we directly read from a reg without making a dummy write to it. is this protocol specification or philips own constraint. If so why this c
Hello, I have build this oscillator and it works ok I have made a small modification (attached). I basically included two RFC chokes on the filament pins to block any RF passing through the filaments to the PSU. In old phillips books I have seen that these chokes always exist th
I have a 3055 and at it's normal intensity is has trace halos It did not before it got overloaded by a transmitter while viewing modulation via a voltage divider cicuit that could not handle the power. Any help would be great. photo one with INT turned way down photo 2 with INT at normal
I bough a used, nonworking oscilloscope phillips PM3260e in attempt to fix it. The symptom: there is no trace. Only when powering down it shows a disappearing beam on the CRT. (Maybe a leaky capacitor?) First I checked the PSU, found few faulty capacitors with my ESR meter, replaced them. Now PSU seems fine, all voltages are cor
Heres a training manual...........
Silicon Chip magazine published a design of an audio compressor using phillips SA571 intergrated circuit. You can look at the SA571 datasheet. It shows how a compressor is made with a rectifier and a voltage controlled amplifier. You can google for "voltage controlled amplifier" and "audio
hi all. can anyone help me? i need to these: 1. "Px427 Advanced Electro-dynamics" physics lecture by "Valery Nakariakov". 2. I.S. Grant and W.R. phillips,Electromagnetism anyone have these PDFs? please set here it's link for download. thanks alot...
Hi; I didn't check in details but this link has book name Image Processing in C and a small library. be it helps.
Hi, I am a recent grad getting back into some mcu programming, and finally decided to not just use a pre-setup environment for my programming, but to instead delve deep into it. I am currently using the nxp/phillips lpc2368 on a futurlec board. My IDE is uvision4 which i am guessing uses gcc as its compiler. Anyway I never really understood ho
i use phillips P89V51rd2, with elnec programmer no problem. did you try with other ic philips P89v52rd2?
Hi, I am trying to design a broad band amplifier ( 300MHz-500MHz) using PD85004. The required output power is less than 1 watt. PD85004 ADS model is available. How can i start the design using ADS? What are the appropriate steps? I want to follow the following phillips Application Notes in designing the amplifier and matching networks. "A
Hi frnds.. i'm doing final year project of "IVR Board". so i'm using phillips P89v51rd2 microcontroller and SIM 300 GSM module. i've finished all the hardware parts and it is working fine.. but i'm not getting how to write code to interface GSM.. i've written sample program to send AT to GSM. It is working fine. but i'm not getting how to write
here you go. This works on an ATMEL AT89C51ED2. Not 100% sure it will work for the phillips equivalent. SPI_Temp equ 08h ;temporary SPI Data Byte ; mov SPCON,#10010110b ; Fclk Periph/128, Master Mode, SPI Mode 3 mov SPCON,#10110101b ; same as above except Fclk Periph/64 orl SPCON,#40h ; start spi ;---------------------------
Hello there, for my collage course we have a lpc213x devel. board with an ARM uC, and in school we're running windows, but I have linux and the program (winIDEA IDE) which we use in school isn't suited for linux. So to try it out at home I've ran it under wine but the winIDEA 2010 edition hang, and the 2007 edition worked, BUT wouldn't see m
Hello! I am doing a project where...we 've connect a Garmin GPS receiver via MAX 232 to Microcontroller and further microcontroller to PC...I've to write a program to recieve the GPS data..NMEA format i.e GPRMC as UTC time, Latitude, Longitude, speed n serially transmit it out via serial port (not to display it on LCD or LED)........i'm nt that go