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hi! i have 10 DC OK galvanic isolated signals and need to AND them into one signal. if i connect outputs of 10 optocoupler in series and than detect by comparator when all of it is on, is it good shem?
Something that makes me confused while reading a tutorial on the Transresistance amplifier circuit. Here is the picture of the circuit. It basically measures the current across the photo device and produces Vout accordingly. My question is that: if the virtual ground rule applies, that is the voltage on the negative termianal is 0V (or very c
Hi there! Hope this post find you well. Like my other post, you might think its silly! I am talking about a basic bridge recrifier made of a look on my circuit that is been used for 20V/5A AC applicat
Hi , The attached is an LTspice sim and pdf schem of the input stage to a 8-136vdc input , 24w buckboost led driver. The Vin may also go up to 385VDC for one second. (I presume this is some kind of load dump scenario, or some kind of regenerative braking situation). Anyway, the input stage has a lot of components. I wondered if there are any
Hi, It is necessary to provide reverse polarity protection for a 24W Buckboost LED driver with Vin = 8 to 136VDC. (when vin <18v, then power can be reduced to 2W). I find that the diode D3 is needed to mitigate the current that comes through the drain_gate capacitance of the reverse polarity fet at supply-ON time. ?Especially when Vin is negati
Hi, With this PS, trying to operate 2 relays(5v, spdt, rated coil current 80mA for each) with pic mcu. It is noticed that at no load(when the relays not being operated) the zener(5.1v, 1.3watt) is geeing heat. And if the relays are kept turned on the zener is ok. Can you suggest what should i do. The ckt of PS is attced here..1
But the photo you posted is the same as the data you enter in the video. Not sure if there is a function where I should select first? Please read my post again, and try what I suggested. Some time ago something similar happened, where a video tutorial did not mention that I had to select befor
Hi guys, I want to build a new EMF meter but EMF meters are limited they can work around 60 hz, they can detect wider range but still not enough for me, so I wanted to change my direction and build a power meter for all range detection. Which diode is good for all bands or which kind of circuit? Any suggestions?
I've been working on a small personal project for an accessory control board for my car. One thing I want to incorporate is what one company calls "self-healing" over-current circuit. On a picture they posted of their circuit board, it looks like they are using a SMT device which is a little bigger than a DFN-8 MOSFET. I initially thought it was a
People are talking about photo electric sensor in through beam mode, see e.g. In contrast to your linked laser pointer / LDR sensor example, reliable sensors are using a modulated (pulsed) light source. This allows to suppress ambient light and simple tamper attacks.
Hi, We have done the attached mains voltage logger. It works but the range of vout is small for 180vac to 265vac. Do you have approximately-just-as-cheap optimisations for this? Schem and LTspice sim attached.
Hi, Why are capacitors connected right before and after the reverse polarity protection schottky diode in input voltage circuit? What is the use of capacitors in this case? And if i supply 20volts input, how much voltage should be outcome before and after the reverse polarity diode ??
betwixt was assuming a photosensitive PCB board, thus he's discussing UV exposure. You clarified that the etch resist pattern is a laser printer image respectively hand painted. The photo shows that your board is not completely etched. I see a small stripe of uncovered epoxy only near the bottom border. Etch time need to be increased or more eff
Ive been tasked with trying to replace a surface mount diode. Normally this wouldn't be an issue but I'm having issues finding any sort of data sheet for it. The only thing I have is this picture of the diode which has B I on the top row of text, and 2 9 on the bottom row. 155709 Can someone shed some light on this f
Hi everyone. Background: I'm a final year Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Student at the University of Cape Town and was tasked with designing a buck converter for a hexapod robot project amongst other things. Decided to use the LT3741 IC (https://www.
(Sorry for the wrong order of posts now) Hi, I vote for standard logic IC: SN74F151A Of you don't think so: * show a better detailed photo (at your photo the outines are not clear...and one side seems to have 7 pins, the other 8 pins) * give more details of the connections and the connected devices around (fast
Hi there Looking for IC F151A 3204CRT or alternative as I can't find any details in the internet. This IC used in old desktop PC. Attached photo. 155642
Your schematic appears to be in a textbook. Does it have a step-by-step tutorial? Starting with the laser diode and its specs. Then adding the driving transistor and control clock. Then adding the photodiode with feedback (and explanation), etc. Q1 & Q2 form a long-tail pair. Q4 & Q5 look like a current source. Link to website with a great (...)
Input will be either Battery: 9V DC or 24V DC. Output: 3.3V DC For battery operation, It has ON/OFF circuit. When the button is pressed, Transistor will provide supply to the Regulator. Again if the button pressed, it will power OFF. It also has a option that, when the signal from the Micro controller is applied, it will power OFF. Please c
Hi fellas, I have a thing that I should improve any circuit that I design, back adays I've added lithium ion to my wireless mouse and its working fine but the thing is the mouse circuit is designed for 3 volt s when the battery at full state is around 4.2 volts for solving and reducing this voltage difference I added a diode to decrease voltage