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Hi Rakesh, The following books are useful for PD First read the book thoroughly, you will get good knowledge on PD Follow the blogs All the best
Sunidrak, Gud to start with programming languages C,C++ and scripting languages perl,TCl and Cshell. Which will help you comfortable in the work environment. For verilog Hardware Description Language refer samir palnithkar. For backend implementation start with "physical design Essentials" . Gud book surely you will get overall knowlege. There are
check this
Hi everyone.. I have recently received training for working in the domain of physical design using EDA tools. I wanted to know about any reading material, books or websites that you would recommend me to go through for strengthening my basics on the subject. i want to know the fundamental knowledge behind clock tree synthesis, Hold time (...)
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the book's name is <physical design ofCMOS intetgrated circuits using L-Edit ">published in 1995 by PWS i am newhand on ic layout and hope u give some idea about the soft L-Edit