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the attached is opamp close loop gain why there is peaking around 100MHz but not lower than 0 db ? Gain peaking is quite normal. It is an indication of a phase margin that is lower than app. 60 deg. Therefore, gain peaking occurs particularly for low gains (large feedback). It occurs at a frequency for which the
what is the optimize Vgs-Vth (overdrive voltage Vsat) in OPamp design some said 300mv ! is it right and suitable for all application ? Never! for example ,if input stage , current mirror , and output stage use the same criterion? They shouldn't.
simple summing amplifier using opamap but if we need to add 2 positive voltage , we need 3 OP amp to achieve! Do we have simple solution? A single OP-Amp can do the job. Look at ENJOY!
we all know two stages OP AC gain= gm x ro but if we design a one stage OP which only has gm, how do we get the AC Voltage gain ? and how to increase the gain? If you have only gm than there is no voltage gain... gm unit is A/V Your mosfet has ro, no matter if there was one or two stage amplifier.
pianomania, about current mode control,you can ref to Erickson and Maksimovic's book (chapter 12) i design a current mode boost dc-dc 1 yrs ago and mainly depend on this book,also, the spice mode the author provided is very useful. good luck Can you supply this book? or where can we find this one?
pianomania, Double pulse suppresion ensures that the regulator only responds to one pulse per cycle. See the following site, and search for "double pulse". Regards, Kral
pianomania, Check out this paper: Regards,
pianomania, From your block diagram, it's not clear to me what you are trying to accomplish. Could you explain it in words? Regards, Kral