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hello, a Mosffet canal N could be the best to drive it . I did it with a pic MCU and a Mosfet IRZL14 . A 12F1840 DIP9 could be used instead of 16f... Power supply for buble lamp 12V.. test with a 12V 5W , and also with a car lamp of 40W but need
I want to generate 3 PWM signals with the cheapest and the smallest pic UC (like 10f, 12f or 16f) You can do in many ways, from a simple code in assembler based on a pic 10F/12F, but the question itself lacks details, such as, what other tasks that uC must perform, what external or internal parameter co
hello I am explaining TMR0 to some students, and I followed the explanation in datasheet. The datasheet says that the pin PEIE (Peripheral interrupt enable) has a relation with TMR0. but this is wrong. I tried to put PEIE = 0 and this did not stop TMR0 from enabling its interrupt. if this is in datasheet, why PEIE has no effect? the oth
I would suggest any of the pic 16f, 18F, 24F, 30F or 33F processors would work well. To decide which processor and which family you first need to work out the resources you need and for that you need to work out how each of the peripherals you mentioned is connected and approximately how much software support each will require. That is very device
Dear friends I need help for pic 16f 628a program side please check the program i want to add "2" digital inputs for switching and "2" digital out puts and one more sms out please help me
the SerialPort component has a Handshake property to select None, Xon/Xoff or RTS handshake this assumes you have similar handshake software for the pic16
for 16f/18f pic it work well if i sim on proteus. but for dspic it crash in proteus and in hardward. Did you check if Watchdog is enabled by default ?
I have been using 16f series with CCS C for some time , but then one of my projects involved BMP085. The 16f877A could not accommodate this. My question. Which pic series do I use next. 18F >> 32..... I use pic kit 2, and if possible, I do not want to upgrade all my hardware. Please advise. Thx Lourens ZS1BFE (...)
pic 18F4620 20HZ
gave a look at Microchip application node AN716 "Migrating Designs from pic16C74A/74B to pic18C442" if you are changing from a pic16 why not go to a pic24? what IO functionality does the project require? are you buying a development board or building your own PCB?
hello, 16f84 ,16f88 are good to start up the studies on pic MCU, but you will loose Time if you keep 16f serie One raison is that compiler are optimised for 18F serie and with MikroC , when you have problem with 16f serie, they just recommend to use 18F. New 16f generation is only to keep (...)
I have answered your questions in the MikroE uPlease avoid text-speak on this forum. This should be "Can you", thanks
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for pic18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for pic12/16f and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the _delay_ms(100); to __delay_ms(100); (2 underlines). Example:
need anyone's help on this scrolling display project. I want to use a 16f series pic for the display of a scrolling message.
It does depend on exactly what you want to do. A simple plastic toy arm that can do a few rough motions would be ok. Much more would be beyond that chip. If you want to use a simple pic chip the first thing I'd suggest is moving away from the 16f family for memory banking reasons. Actually I'd find it hard to justify using them at all now. I
Hello Guys ;) Nice Forum :) I want from experience people to help me in OBd II project, how to build with pic Microcontroller serie 18F or 16f, I found the OBD II in this website but there is no code source on .c or .hex and no bcp layer please need the help :( Does anyone have any experience building an OBD II scann
Thanks to all! I bought new pic16f84A but it turned out there was nothing wrong with the previous one. Could it be true indeed that all I had to do was pulling /MCLR pin to Vdd through R? Best regards gusts Hi, Many of the older 16f chips like the 84A will only work if pin1 / Mclre is pulled up to +5v , either
Yes you can read the program from burned pic controller if there is no kinda security bit is used. if security bit is used then it will hard to read the Controller.
Hi, Think these search tables by Microchip will be the closest you will are not that many pic16f and 18F chips, many of them are also
Dear All Can I use pic 16f877a I2C functions as it is for pic18F452 I create a project using Hi TECH C 18F lite to read RTC DS1307 But it is not updating the time and LCD is displaying only 00:00:00 Please fine the I2C code that I used with pic16f877a and it is working successfully void I2CWait(){ (...)