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Hi pic i am new begginer on pic programming as i want to start a project named running motor via ldr with pic16f877: when a source light light on ldr a dc motor runs when the source shutts off the dc motor shutdown i've already start (...)
Hi every body, I try to drive a DC motor depending on temperature, this is my program with MikroC, but always the motor is working with the same speed (duty), could some one pleaaase help me where is the problem!! thanks.. //////// sbit LCD_RS at RB1_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RB2_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RB7_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RB6_bit;
Hi every body, this code with MikroC to drive a DC motor in 2 directions void main() { short duty = 0; //initial value for duty TRISC = 0x00; //PORTC as output TRISB = 0x00; //PORTB as output portb = 0x00; // init PWM1_Init(5000); //Initialize PWM1 PWM1_Start(); //start PWM1 PWM1_Set_Duty(duty); //Set current duty for PWM
I can write the code for you but you have to give me the pic circuit because I have to know which pin connects to which component like LED, motor, etc...
hello every one.. i got struck in a project where i need to turn on and off three motors depending on the operation using pic 16f877.. 1. 24v dc motor 2. 230v ac motor 3. 24v ac motor can any one please suggest me how to operate these motors with pic (...)
The following thread discusses implementation of a pic based tachometer using various sensors in great detail: some questions motor speed monitoring I would suggest reviewing the thread and posting any further questions you may have concerning the implementation of your tachometer. BigDog
I am just analysing a asm code based on the microchips project article "BLDC motor Control made easy" also given as "00857a". i tried simulating the code using proteus with components of similar charectaristics and i am not able to get the output instead of which i am only getting the warning. I have attached all the project data. can you please t
Hi there.. I have a few stepper motors.All of them are 6 wire unipolars. I m using pic 16f877 and a power circuit which has L298.(not L297 ) I could run one of them succesfully using 1000,0100,0010,0001 pulses.But I couldnt run other motors,although I identified the wires using multimeter and tried all possible pulse (...)
i use the LM628 and pic 16f877 for a control of dc motor ,and i want to do some simulations before i buy the LM628 ,i work with proteus 7.6 software simulation but i don't find LM628 in the library ,please someone can help me
hi I am designing variable frequency drive for 3 phase induction motor drive of 1Kw,50 hz and i suppose to use pic 16f877 microchip programed in micro C language. so to generate three pwm signals do i need to use sine table in c, or can it be done by usinfor loop as mention. any one pl help me for this. #define res 10 #define n (...)
Hi , i would like to control the switch of the ceiling fan rather than AC ceiling fan using pic 16f877- basically just to show that motor speed can change... Isn't ok i goes with this idea? here is simple diagram of switch-ceiling fan..
i want to ask all person here... how to connect microServo with pic 16f877?? I use mikroC to program it.. but the motor only move 1 side, cannot 2 side... thx before.. :D
hi, i have a project that about dtmf based stepper motor control via 16f877. when i pressed 4, the stepper motor turn anticlockwise. 6; turn the clockwise and 5 is stop the motor. how can i do this? anybody help me?
If you are not sticking to pic16f877, Use a simple 555 circuit for the timer or use a count down timer schentaics available widely on the web. Just google it. Good luck
Hi all, can anyone enlighten me on how to control the speed of the vibrating motor using C programming for pic 16f877? Or is there any reference online? Appreciate it. Thanks!:D
thanks for the reply. you are my savior! 1.first answer i'm try to using a printer motor. 2.then i 'm try to control the motor using picF877 which is i really dont know anything about pic program. 3. i try to apply an application of cutter machine which is motor1 is place on x axis and (...)
can someone gif me a closed loop schematic circuit by using a photoelectric sensor or infrared sensor to do a feedback to the pic 16f877 to adjust the dc motor speed?
hi whats the best compiler for pic16f877a?? Search the board, you will get your answer. But I think any compiler is good depending on the kind of application. You can use CCS C, it is user friendly, but don't expect that it is the best.
Here's a couple of pages with a simple PWM demo and source for pic. Designed for my Inchworm & Firefly IF-LAB1 can easily be used with other pics with hardware
hi is anybody knows how to control a dcmotor with pic 16f877. or are there any other methods. please send me the codes or the circuit diagram, or tell me some web pages to find..