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Please give us more details on the modem model and the type of pic that you have selected
#include <16f877.h> #use delay(clock=4000000) #fuses NOWDT,XT,NOPUT,NOPROTECT,NOBROWNOUT,NOLVP,NOCPD,NOWRT,NODEBUG #use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7,stream=HOSTPC) void main() { int8 value; int8 adcvalue; delay_ms(100); set_tris_b(0x00); set_tris_d(0xff); setup_adc(ADC_CLOCK_INTERNAL);//enables the a/d module //and sets the
8-O should we use Google translator for question ? Google translator result: "Hello everyone, my plan is to make an interface in Windev. I want to use the rs232 link between the interface and the peak. My card base peak consists of one master and three peak peak peak esclave.le master is the process and the process has three indicators eac
Hi, I am planning to build a temperature monitoring system using pic16f877 and lm35. From my studies i understood that the output voltage from the lm35 sensor is connected to the analog input of microcontroller. I want to display the temperature in a 16 x 2 lcd & stored the last 10 measured values to the internal memory of microcontroller. Ple
Dear all Please advice me, I need to know that how connect with any nokia phones with pic 16f877 microcontroller. I know AT commands and rs232 protocols and IC (please advice with phone wiring diagram with rs232 chip thanks Dayan
Hi everybody ... i begin to build my project send/recieve SMS using pic 16f877, i tested my phone nokia 6230 using Hyperterminal to send/receive SMS with AT command, it worked good, but my phone is USB If someone know how to connect correctly the Nokia 6230 via rs232 please let me know. I'll appreciate your help Thanks Note: i (...)
Hello everybody! I am building for my graduation project a wireless weather station. I am using pic 16f877 and I am building the project using Mplab. So far I managed to display the temperature using LM35 and pressure using MPX4115 on a 3310 nokia humidity I want to use a
can any body help me to correct the errors in my code that count pulses and display the number of counts on LCD #include <16f877.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT,NOLVP #use delay(clock=20000000) #use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_c6, rcv=PIN_c7) int data,i,min=0,jj; int16 X=0; #include //#include "lcd_d.c" #int_ext void ext_isr() { ++X;
Hi i am new to here and will like to ask for directions on this problem that i faced currently. I will like to interface my pic 16f877 to a computer database using rs232 with visual basic.Any idea on where to read up more on it?
I want to desing an pic microcontroller board (to help me to load code from pc to the microcontroller). Is anyone who has resources for how to desing this board??????
Hi to everyone..I have problems starting to my project..The project i have to do is; pic and PC based signal generator: (rs232 and 16f877 microcontroller will be used in this a interface that formed on pc,drawing analog or digital one period signal and detection of period's instant values, 2.Transfering this datas to a (...)
Anybody know how to transmit data from one pic and receive the sending data at another pic....Hope someone can help by given the coding...thanks Hi Use I2C prtocol.Its fast and requires only 2 pins, and in future you can connect more devices.Configure one pic in master mode and other one in slave mode.There are sampl
hi my friend i am new in your board.... And i need some samples about communicating pic 16f877 and rs232 has any body have pic c codes about this issue? thank you in advance
i am newbie in rs232 and want to work with microconroller (pic 16f877) by the way i want some good tutorial about this topic thanks for your help
As mencioned above you just need a MAX232 and a few capacitors to connect the pic to the PC using serial coms. Most of C compiler already include libraries for serial com.