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I want to use two Serial Ports in a Single Controller.. Thats why i choose pic16f877A having one Serial Port... I read the CCS Help topics?? How can I use two or more RS-232 ports on one pic?? And Just Copy Paste its Code and program my Controller.. but it is neither working on hardware nor on proteus... Pls help (...)
Hi every one i wrote this code for a project to interface EM-406A with pic 16f877 but it does't work . char uart_rd; char uart; // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at LATB2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at LATB3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at LATB4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at LATB5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at LATB6_bit; (...)
Please give us more details on the modem model and the type of pic that you have selected
If all the modules have to be run simultaneously you have a problem and I doubt a software solution will work. Most soft-uarts use interrupts to find the start of the serial bits and with only one external interrupt on that pic it would be difficult to sense incoming data on all channels at the same time. If they operate only one at a time, you can
Do you have any wifi adapter module or datasheet? The interfacing depends on what communication to use. uart, SPI, I2C. pic16f877A and pic16F887 is commonly used, that enough to use uart, SPI or I2C.
check in the samples come with the Hi-tech C compiler about software serials.. "\ht-pic\samples"
hi Basically i m working for a project. So i m using two pic 16f877A which one for transmitter and another one for receiver. the problem is how could i send binary data through the transmitter and receive by the receiver? I m using CCS C COMPILER? thanks hope members can help...
I'm not sure what they mean. Do one thing. Close the simulation window. Redraw the schematic and reload the program into the pic program field. Try it again. Make sure you've used the right microcontroller in the simulation and in mikroC. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
i need some basic uart code in c for pic16f877 to pc communication... i m using ccs compiler in mplab v5.7
Hi, use AT commands to interface a pic to your Nokia via uart. This might be helpful:
hi Iam working on project connect nokia to mc i connected tx from nokia to rx from uart and rx --- tx gnd---gnd boudrate 115200 and but when supply the circute the lcd of mobile just blink I write the code with at command bode of the code : char sms="ATDT=\"Xxxxxxx\";"; while (1) { pots(ATDT); delay_ms(100); } so plz help :?::?::?::!
Well, gps and gsm modules are all using uart to pic. You just need read gps data, then send these data through gsm module. The gps data is fixed, and the gsm command is fixed also. For more, you can contact
Not at all familiar with the pic you're using so not sure how the uart is going to like it when your *for* loop pounds the uart buffer every pass through at processor rates before it has a chance to empty each byte out. Then again maybe the called function is smart enough to handle it. Might try a while loop under your call "Usart_Write(txt);
use this code #include <pic.h> #include #include //------ init uart void Inituart(void) { SPBRG = 12; /* 19200bPS @ 4MHz */ BRGH = 1; /* High Speed Mode */ TXEN = 1; /* Enable Transmit */ SPEN = 1; /* Enable Serial Port */ } //------ write char to (...)
what cpus are used in cpu-based smartcards? I know there's 8051 clone, the microchip pic16xx clone, is ARM used, in particular? eman